No Rest For the Resting

   Truly Rejuvenated? I’m not sure I even know what that means.  When I think of rejuvenated, I think completely relaxed, completely rested and feeling refreshed.  I think of open breezes, clean and free toes (weird, right?) and stretched muscles.  The last time I felt truly rejuvenated was…probably never.  Maybe…I’m not sure.  How does one achieve true rejuvenation? Is there a place you go?  Is it when you get to sleep in because you washed the dishes the night before and the kids are at their grandparents house?  Do you know when you’ve reached true rejuvenation when you move and nothing pops and your aging muscles don’t limit your range of motion even a little?  Do you know when the act of yawning doesn’t make you feel more tired?  Is it when you get up and you actually feel like moving with a bounce to the other room where you will willingly and wholeheartedly commit to conversation with enthusiasm?  Ugh, these things are annoying or not likely to have occurred without worry in my life.

    Can true rejuvenation be when you finished a book and looked up and smiled because you felt you knew how the story continued without you instead of sad because you’ll miss everyone and will forever wonder what happens in the ever after?  Can rejuvenation be after you cooked a meal for your family and then feel yourself become energized by their eagerness to enjoy more of said meal?  How about when you wake up with a long list of chores and errands and you just want to stretch out in bed alone for five minutes before you’re bombarded with demands from your children and they come wandering into your room, climb into your bed and take up your space for those five minutes before somehow turning the next fifteen minutes into a tickle and mild wrestling match?  And instead of angry, tired and disappointed to have missed out on a good stretch you feel more ready for the day?  Can it be when my husband takes the kids to the gym so we can both be selfish for an hour or two with the help of their “complimentary” child care center?

   If true rejuvenation can be any of the latter examples, then I am truly rejuvenated more than a few times a week because those things bring me comfort, a peace of mind in their chaos and memories that will keep this heart beating long after a massage ends. If true rejuvenation can only be acquired by spending money and long periods of time away from my family then I don’t walk away feeling rejuvenated.  I worry about my in-laws with my kids.  It’s not that I’m worried my kids will come home with (yet another) Bible but that I’m actually worried for  my in-laws.  My kids are turds…two talking vertical turds.  They are a real handful but they are mine and they are like me and as frustrated as they may make me, I’m never truly resting unless I know they are content and happy and smiling.  Considering my age and medical history, if something isn’t hurting I’m going to worry; and if I have more range of motion in my left body I’m going to freak out.  I’ve heard people can gain movement back after long periods of weakness because of seizures and mystery “miracles” but I can only see that resulting in panic from me.  How long would it last?  When will I lose my left side again? Will it just take another seizure?

    So, in answer to the question,

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

I’d have to say yesterday morning when my kids filled my husbands spot in bed after he left for work, fought over his pillow and then yelled at me they loved me when I pretended to hide my head from them under my pillow.  Their ability to openly love me and accept my love is more rejuvenating than any elixir or vacation man could make or provide.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Young and the Rested.”


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