To My Audience

    Ok, so my audience is small and this is for that Blogging 101 course that I am STILL unable to reach The Commons for so I can’t post the link for this to share :/ But I’m writing this anyway because it actually kind of matters and may make sense to anyone confused for one reason or another.

    So…I started my first blog with the intention to be all…informative on AVMs but it didn’t work out so well.  I was SO incredibly bored with writing about it.  I mean, I survived this really tragic ordeal that was caused by this little unknown thing that is so rare it only affects something like 1-3% of the world’s population.  I really thought I had bloggers gold here even though I had never blogged before in my life.  It all started with a survivors network set up by this guy, Ben Munoz. This guy is amazing.  When his AVM ruptured, leading to stroke, he discovered during his recovery he had nowhere to turn because AVMs are that rare.  He set up his own network solely for AVM survivors/thrivers to connect, support, learn and teach.  Now it’s basically an entire network devoted to rare conditions.  I started blogging about my recovery there because the people around me had absolutely no understanding of my situation.  I began venting all of my emotional frustrations to these people I didn’t know (surviving stroke is a very, very emotional experience).  Eventually they suggested I start a “real” blog.

   I started that blog and called it Half Strokes of Luck which I still think is very creative for so many reasons that I never got around to explaining.  What’s terrible about this blog is that I had no real audience, at least not one at all informed on AVMs or surviving stroke before you’re…well, before you’re old.    So I started to feel like I had to give these long descriptions of AVM, stroke and all that comes along with it.  And it’s just soooooo booooring.  There are tons of interesting things to blog about when it comes to stroke and living within this new body it gave me (only the right side works now).  I could blog about sex with disability, the emotional crashes, the struggles, the fatigue and the anxiety but I just didn’t have it in me.  I’ve written about some of these experiences but I think it might have helped if I had started just after my stroke and beginning recovery and not waiting for two years when the interesting and important stuff began fading.

Every day while I take my morning shower, I think of something to write about for my blog but by the time the steam is clear from the  vanity mirror, I forgot what had me eager to get to my blog.  These thoughts are nothing more than motivation to speed my shower up apparently.

   I now have this new blog.  This one I named after myself, the grand wizard of two very loud vertical turds (my two boys).  I have no goal here except to not write about my stroke and resulting disabilities specifically.  It comes up, of course, but it’s not because it’s my intention.  I have plans to return to that other blog, maybe give it a makeover before committing fully to moving forward with it but until then, I am here.  HSoL opened up my mind to sharing my thoughts but I still wanted to keep my blog just for stroke and AVMs in its own little world.  Even now, because I’m not currently able to shoot over to that site and write out a post, I am thinking of something blog worthy for it. I’ll forget before I even finish this post. I need to find a rhythm and I think this blog, my other part of me, is going to help with that.  I hope it does anyway.

We shall see, we shall see    


Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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