Can I Write a Poem?


Torn apart, left in pieces

I lay fallen

Bereft of my conscience

I hear it calling

–The darkness, it creeps

Consuming my being

I fight for light

I am still reeling

–Four shadows stand tall

Judgement,  remorse

Jealousy and grief.

I have no recourse.

–Alone I do battle

I swing flimsy swords

I can’t see my future

There will be no rewards.

It appears as if the answer is no! I have not attempted to write a poem since high school (hint next year will be 15 years since graduation).  I just wrote it as it came, please don’t mean with the criticism!


3 thoughts on “Can I Write a Poem?

  1. Don’t sell yourself short…the poem you wrote is one of the best I’ve ever read! For real. I loved it. I write a lot of poetry, but never seem to get the emotions right, so lots of mine turn out humorous. Yours is so full of imagery! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment! I definitely appreciate it. I really felt how long it had been since I tried to write a poem. I almost forgot what it felt like to try to visualize my emotions. Maybe that’s what’s been missing for so long! Haha 🙂


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