Not Writing For Readers; A Hodgepodge Blog

Day 16:

  I think I’ve done most of these writing assignments; I know I skipped one for sure last week.  This is not at all what this blog was intended for.  I needed to create a space to post all the things I didn’t want on my blog about my stroke.  I’ve had that blog for two years and barely broke 100 followers.  I’m not very good at blogging.  It’s probably because I’m a boring person.  Today’s assignment is boring so I’m going to kind of, almost vent about it.

   I joined Blogging 101 and Writing 101 to help me learn what goes on inside the blogging realm as well as offer me an avenue to better improve my writing both online and offline as they are two different styles of writing.  I don’t understand why Writing 101 is asking me to write based off stats when I thought it was about writing in general– not for your blog.  I signed up for Writing 201.  It’s about poetry I think and I’m actually excited about it.  I wanted to take creative writing and English courses after high school but I had the same pessimism I had with the idea to take art classes.  What’s the point? So I never did.  I don’t want to write professionally.  Like everything else, add it to my hobby list. This basically means I don’t want to pay for it.

   Todays assignment

  • If you were forced to make your blog private, would that affect your writing?
  • Overnight, you discover you’ve gained 50,000 blog subscribers. What would you write for your next post?
  • One day, you notice a strange stat. Write a short piece of fiction or poem that describes what you see, and/or what happens

 If my blog were private it would be completely different.  I wouldn’t hold back anything.  Even though I am a faceless person with a totally made up name I hold back a lot.  I may not “want” an audience (I wouldn’t have a blog at all if I didn’t want readers); but, I’m afraid to write too much and have a lot of passers-by thinking TL;DR as they move on without reading anything.    This is sad because most of my posts are complete rambles that don’t make sense. Holding back is probably a good thing.  But then again…I’d keep all the cussing in there and sentence enhancers are always awesome.


  50,000 blog subscribers overnight, what would I post?  Probably something to lose most of those people that first day.  There is no theme to this blog.  I wrote a poem for an assignment and gained a few followers.  I’m waiting for them to realize this isn’t a poetry blog and ditch me in the dust of their artfully crafted verses; that’ll hurt for that day because I have esteem issues. I guess it would depend if those followers came with likes.  Is there a particular post that attracted these folks?

  I’m always afraid of trying too hard to sound like I know what I’m talking about.  I’m a feminist and I’ll write here and there about feminism or something within its scope but I won’t go out of my way to lecture anyone about it because I don’t need someone popping up and pushing their so-called intellect down my throat.  And the trolls…you can’t opine anything openly that is controversial or questioned/discussed/debated regularly.  People are mean! My Pinterest is mostly politics with some funnies in there and I am always fending off trolls.  I can’t imagine running a blog and facing that.  Even if you moderated all your comments you’d still have to read them.  I imagine it would be difficult to delete them without responding; or have to constantly defend your position every day.  Even if you’re defending Trump on the daily like that, it must take some real vagina embracing (I’m  like Betty White, vaginas are stronger than balls) because I imagine there’s a lot of mocking and trolling going on with a blog like that.

49dc0a8836b8b990b7a3e4c21e3e2df8    Speaking of vaginas, I suspect that when I’m done with these courses and begin blogging about whatever is on my mind again, my current followers might find my choice of topics not to their liking. Maybe some will hang on as I do intend to pick up daily posts again and maybe start experimenting with poetry a little on my own.  I also wouldn’t mind posting a short story or two and see what people would think of that side of my writing (again, totally different language and style from blogging).

   All in all, I’m not interested in stats (I look at them all the time) or referrers (I do like to see how people find me) or what readers interests are (if you have a suggestion I’d love to hear it!).  I just want to write my thoughts and opinions freely; I just want a little feedback when I do post something less blog-y. I don’t understand why I should feel pressured to cater an audience.  Is it selfish of me to feel this way?


3 thoughts on “Not Writing For Readers; A Hodgepodge Blog

  1. Ah, to respond to your other (excellent) question:

    I don’t understand why I should feel pressured to cater an audience. Is it selfish of me to feel this way?

    This was not my intention. Anything we suggest or recommend or ask you to do here in this course is completely voluntary. Everyone is different. My hope for this course was to throw out different types of exercises, ideas, and tools/resources each week, and leaving it to each person to pick and choose what works for them.

    I often give this advice: take the tips and suggestions that work for you. Then, ignore everything else. Also, compete with no one but yourself, and do what *you* want to do.

    For nearly 10 years of blogging and 20 years of writing professionally, I’ve pretty much just done my own thing; don’t feel pressure to cater to an audience or shape your writing in a way that doesn’t make sense.


  2. I don’t understand why Writing 101 is asking me to write based off stats when I thought it was about writing in general– not for your blog.

    My main goal for this entire course was the think of all kinds of places one *could* find inspiration. I definitely wanted to include one’s own stats page, because — whether you pay attention to them and take them seriously or not — it’s an interesting place to look. Some people have written the most hilarious posts I’ve ever written on analyzing the most popular search terms that readers type to reach their blogs; others have discovered that a category they didn’t think was interesting was, in fact, their most clicked-on tag.

    All that said, I know that many people don’t care about their stats, which is why I left some alternative prompts as well. I’m glad to see that your dislike for stats stirred you up enough to write about it. I don’t actually mind *where* your motivation to write is coming from for this specific prompt — you published a post today. That’s all that matters.

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    1. I honestly would not have thought to look at it from that angle. I can think of a few searches that brought people to my other blog that would have been fun to share, too. Ha! Oh well.


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