Ode To Hard-Earned Greed


Good fortune comes to those who wait
Those who begrudge, rush to fill their plate.
There is no patience in their oppressed state.
Overflowing with hate and greed
They forget to pass to those in need
And from their mouths drops another seed.

Map your future, make it bright
Just work hard and it’ll be alright.
Ignore all in their infinite plight.
Watch eyes grow small as you rise to the top
Maps in hand; their rise has stopped.
They watch in hopes that you would drop.

Dispirited creatures; in shadows they lurk
Waiting for you to provide them with work.
You shoo them away; you fear their hurt.
Success is a gateway to so many things
For some it’s like they were born with wings.
No matter the method, your self-worship stings.

♦Written for Writing 201: Poetry.  Project was an ode to maps.  I had no idea what to write; this explains the horror you just read, haha♦


6 thoughts on “Ode To Hard-Earned Greed

  1. Fantastic concept and ideal. Ah, I listened to a show recently where there is a professor and entreprenuer who viewed to give all his earnings over about 20,000pa away his entire life, extreme example, but it reminded me of people like him – he is very happy and successful.


      1. I found it, he has written a book about his approach – Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference Hardcover – July 28, 2015
        by William MacAskill (Author).

        He was a guest on a podcast called ‘the rich roll podcast’ – that’s where I heard about it. Just as an FYI hehe 🙂

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