My Sister Hates Olives and Is A Closet Kool Aid Drinker

    I extended an olive branch to my sister Stilla this morning.  She set it on fire, stomped on it and was all:

I’m an adult and you’re stupid

Ugh, sisters…


  We don’t get along.  I could try to list the reasons but it would take all night and in the morning people would wonder why there is not a dry, snot-free tissue left in the city.  The disappointment, the anger and resentment, it all goes both ways.  She’s a horrible person; I’m a horrible sister.  When mom  decided to leave the state I was really sad about it and after a couple of years I got Kasper to consider moving to my home state.  Then I had a stroke and they came back and we remembered what it was like with them around and decided it was probably best we stay thousands of miles apart.

    My mom and sister, the Evil Duo, they are horrible people.  They make me stupid.  I become a different person around them.  My spine isn’t weak like Twizzlers around them but kind of dry like a pretzel stick.  I crack easy under their pressure but I attempt to put up a good fight at first.  They manipulate everything and they are so good at it that by the time they are done you feel like you’re crazy; like your head is full of conspiracies and you should don a tinfoil hat because what you swear they just did to you sounds so unreal you’d have to be crazy to believe someone would go that far to get what they want.  Obviously, you’re the paranoid one.

   Naturally, without them around, I became a totally different person than the woman they thought they knew.  I’m not bothered by this but apparently it bothers Stilla.  She has not changed, she’s simply altered the target of her focus.  Her little sister was not there for her to belittle and feel superior to.  So she “informed” herself and decided to become a bigot spouting off anti-Islam sound bites to anyone that will listen.  It’s just weird.  In all of my life I’ve only known one Muslim and he recently passed away.  He lived thousands of miles from me. Yet, I’m surrounded by people screaming about the terror that is Islam and its followers.  I mean…I only knew the one guy… There’s this woman who wears a hijab that takes her son to the same physical therapy clinic I take JJ to. She has yet to run at me with a bomb strapped to her chest.  I have not been forced to follow Sharia law. Hell, I haven’t even been handed a pamphlet.  I’m agnostic– I have six bibles and I’ve never paid for one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remove Christian and Jehovah pamphlets from the windshield wipers of my car, the screen door (both front and back) of my apartment; or how many Christian prayer circles I’ve been in on sidewalks, in parking lots and even at my front door because these people with their cold hands always wanting to touch me and pray for me just won’t leave after a polite “No thanks.”  We went shopping for a new kitchen table a few months ago and this creepy guy at the furniture store wouldn’t leave me alone until I let him hover a stupid magnet over my entire body to “heal” me with the power of Christ. Through a magnet?  I just wanted a table…not to be magnetized at the door. And I’m supposed to be wary the invasion of Islam?

   The last time Stilla and I talked, we fought about Obama and Islam and it was ridiculous.  We didn’t talk for weeks and I was fine with it but then I felt bad because JJ kept asking when we could go see his cousins.  So I sent her a text at a clothing store, asking her kids sizes.  It was an opening.  All went well even though I didn’t find anything for her kids.  We talked days later about GreenEyes passing away.  I was surprised she cared; after all he was Muslim.  Then this morning I sent her a text (the aforementioned olive branch) and I invited her to Skas’ birthday get together.  Nothing big.  Bring the kids, there will pizza and games at this kids pizza place then we’ll come to my place for cake and costume change then go trick or treating (I have a Halloween baby). I promised to leave politics out of everything.

   She couldn’t just accept that.  She said:

Sure. Ok, no bringing up Islam or Obama, lol. But when i finish my leaflets, you will be getting some LMAO!!!

   Leaflets? Leaflets


She’s mentioned these before.  I told her, to keep from ridiculing her, to bring them if she wants but I won’t read them. Like I’ve said before about her and her Islamophobia, talking about ISIS  is one thing but to talk about Islam as if it’s the same is like saying all milk is bad because strawberry milk is gross. It’s just one udder of the same cow only its gross strawberry instead of pleasant chocolate or predictable white milk.  …maybe that wasn’t the best analogy.

   She then said I’m ignorant because I have no interest in learning stuff she looked up.  One time she attacked GreenEyes on Facebook because he posted a picture of his Quran.  It was handed down to him and he was incredibly proud of it.  He made me read the thread.  He was very upset…upset enough to reach out to me.  I read her comments and noticed most of her “informative” links came from a site that actually had Islamophobia in the html. Are we grasping a decent picture of her idea of “studying” and “researching” Islam? This is why I laugh at her suggestion that I let her “inform” me.  I believe in non-biased opinions.  I may read mostly liberal sources but you bet your ass I do my own fact checking before I go around sharing or commenting or formulating full-blown opinions; who forms an opinion on a topic based on one site or source anyway?

    I don’t get it; I don’t get her.  I don’t get people like her.  Skas will have a birthday with just his parents and brother now.  She’s suddenly busy that day because this “country is going down” and I won’t read her propagandized leaflets filled with hateful bullet points about people she doesn’t know.  She keeps going on about truth and I’m a sheep and indoctrinated government bs.  I’m sorry but I live six hours from the Mexican border the long way, 4 the short, I was here when Colombians were “rushing the border, invading this city and passing around highly contagious diseases.”  I still live in this city cited in a few conspiracy and RWNJ sources and I haven’t been beheaded or diseased by any Colombian children or drug cartels.  I live two hours south of Jade Helm– I am not living underneath a Wal-Mart in a FEMA camp. Everyone still has their guns and I have not met anyone whose child suddenly became autistic after returning from the doctor’s office with a flu shot.  I’m listing these things off because these are the “truths” cited in the same sources she (and people like her) claims are the only ones who really know what’s going on. If the government was as tyrannical and authoritarian as she believes…why are these sites even allowed to spread the truth so freely?  Someone is lacking logic and it’s not me.  I don’t drink Kool Aid…it has a high sugar content.


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