It’s Like I’m Not Even Trying Not to Troll

NaBloPoMo #6

images    I’m failing at keeping my fingers off the keys when I see political posts on Facebook.  I usually deactivate my account between March and July because I get depressed around that time of year but I think I should extend that deactivation until election seasons are over.  Everyone votes for their own reasons but when I see someone state something stupid or completely lacking in fact, I have a hard time choosing the wise path of closing my browser or turning my phone’s screen black.  I just can’t help myself!

    I’ve gotten a lot better at ignoring the arguments I want to make against opposing opinions since 2012.  That’s when I got hooked on politics.  My life, health and financial situation had changed so drastically that I had to start paying attention.  We were so dependent on the government then that I had to know what was going to happen to us if the big guys in suits decided we deserved to be on the streets hungry and without medicine.  I didn’t intend to care about anything else that happened [“are they cutting my kids food stamps or not?”] but I started to notice a lot of behaviors and statements that I am dead set against. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I had less online friends.  It’s not that they all disagreed with me it’s that I became so absorbed in what was going on in D.C that it was all I talked about, read about, posted about and even thought about.  It was like my eyes opened and I wanted to slap myself because I was the one that taped them closed.

    Politics are so incredibly boring that I fall asleep reading articles.  It was worse in high school in government class (which I had to take twice) because I despise newspapers.  I hate the way the paper feels on my fingertips, I can’t stand the smell of dusty ink and I find it annoying that you can’t read an article, turn the page and finish it.  These are pesky things but they were enough to stop my teenage mind from taking active interest.  And, of course, I felt there was no point.  I felt that way for a long time and I feel stupid for thinking that voting is a joke, paying attention is pointless and that I couldn’t possibly be smart enough to keep up if I tried. With access to the internet it’s a lot easier to pay attention and keep up at your own pace, on your own time.  You don’t have to wait until the evening news or worry about smearing newspaper ink on your forehead as you search for A3 only to discover half of section A is somehow missing yet you got triple stuffed with Wienerschnitzel ads and coupons for Claritin.

    When the 2012 elections came around I blew up Facebook.  I was frustrated that people were so blind to so many things! How was it that I caught on to the bullshit after stroke and brain surgery and everyone else were the ones acting brain-damaged? And they were the ones paying attention a lot longer than I had been! I treated people exactly how I thought of their opinions; as if opinions are all that represent a person’s character. It’s all about perspective, life experiences, situations and so on. I got into too many arguments with too many people and I started to wonder what is the point?  We are all different, therefore, we will always have different opinions.  I started to learn to speak calmly with others and learned how to listen to their views without trying to prove them wrong with my opinion– my opinions are no more fact than anyone else’s (even if mine are founded on facts and others have questionable sources they used to help build their opinions).  It doesn’t matter.  The best you can do is offer an avenue for others to critique their opinions before fully committing to them in front of you.

   This morning, a “friend” posted about Hillary Clinton: “Say no to Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife in 2016.”  I won’t share the image because I’d hate for it to pop up as the featured image of this post as if I agree with it.  I don’t agree with it; I think it’s childish to make statements like that as if that’s all you need for a reason not to vote for her. Instead of making an equally juvenile remark, I asked him if he still intended to vote for Trump or if he changed his mind.  Within two minutes he replied Trump.  So I asked him (in my head it was casual) if he didn’t do much research or if he liked the dude because he’s rich and against Mexicans because Trump is not very well-informed on what is going on in our government today and the few details he’s given on his policies kind of suck.  He said it’s because he’s a “self-made billionaire” and defended Trump’s right to be uninformed since he’s not a “career politician.”

   So, let me get this straight:  A man is running for president and he has a platform involving immigration, healthcare, Syria, ISIS, infrastructure and even trade and these are all very real issues that will face our next president; and, it’s okay for him to offer empty statements, such as “I handle guys like these all the time,” and nothing more, as policy?  We’re supposed to trust him because “He knows a guy who” and that’s it? We’re supposed to think he can run our country because he turned millions into billions?  Are we not remembering that some of those billions came from  looking outside of our borders for employees because they cost less which turns more profit?  That doesn’t sound like someone ready to provide jobs for Americans and support working Americans.

  This post was not meant to be an anti-Trump post.  It’s just this one guy that doesn’t get it.  I don’t care that he doesn’t like my trusty old guy Sanders with his voting history that matches most of what he still stands for today or that he refuses to  look into him even a little.  What bothers me is that he refuses to see anyone but Trump.  It doesn’t matter if that’s who he really wants as President if that’s who he keeps finding his views in line with but from what I’m seeing, this dude has one view and it’s not based on anything other than, “He made a lot more money out of a lot of money.”

This post is a very long way for me to keep from calling this guy an idiot on Facebook.  I’d delete him if he didn’t share links that I wouldn’t read without him posting them (our views are that different).


7 thoughts on “It’s Like I’m Not Even Trying Not to Troll

  1. Yeah, me too. I’ve listened to all the ‘fringe’ ideas, from those like Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, and David Icke…some which are pretty far fetched. But, it’s all entertainment, I think. And I do vote…most times just to say I did, and I listen to some of the speeches, then go for the one I agree with the most. Who knows…however it turns out, it will change again in a few years. 🙂


  2. I find politics boring, and I hate the wall-to-wall news coverage that goes on for months, ignoring so many things that are happening in the world. And yet, these politicians are the ones who ultimately have tremendous power to affect our lives, so we need to be aware. But when it comes to political arguments on social media, I stay out of it. Political arguments on Facebook never change anyone’s mind. Some of my acquaintances on Facebook are so insane about certain issues (I wonder how they manage to function at all in life when they have no real thinking skills) that I either unfriend them or unfollow them so I don’t have to get annoyed by their idiotic statements.

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    1. LOL! I believe that is pretty much what happened to me. I got so wrapped up in politics at one point that people got fed up. I eventually learned to be less aggressive, less argumentative and I started to share articles without commentary, only engaging in conversations/debates (arguments) when others would comment first. Online is the same as offline: Two friends should not discuss politics or religion. It’s just so much easier to not think about etiquette when you’re online.


  3. Politics are boring to me, and all politicians lie I think just to get elected. I don’t think our votes count for anything, it’s just to appease the people, then the ‘elite’ who run things pick someone from their ruling group, then do whatever they want. Well, I’m more interested in conspiracy theories, which most times are more believable than not.


    1. LOL I find it fascinating that I’m interested in politics despite the boredom. I also find conspiracy theories fascinating; and frightening. I don’t believe in them but I like to read the theories and how they came to exist.


      1. It is funny to be interested in politics and find them boring at the same time. But, I totally get it. I know everyone wants the best for their families and the country, and hope that whoever is elected to all the various offices are the best qualified for the job. I guess I’m just cynical and pessimistic about it all. And who knows for real about the things we hear…it is fun to speculate on it all 🙂

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      2. It is fun to speculate and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with entertaining a conspiracy theory as long as you can remain grounded and question the theory from a more sane standpoint than someone like Alex Jones might present. It’s my curiosity as well as my ignorance that keeps me following politics.

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