Stone Face In a Silent Storm

NaBloPoMo #11

   I have absolutely nothing to blog about today.  My mind does not want to function.  I tried to write a poem and there was nothing.  I tried to get emotional about my grandpa who’s very old and sick and I can’t conjure up even one tear.  I’m going through lists of shows and movies hoping to catch an opinion to share and there’s nothing.  I don’t know what’s up with me lately.  I’m tired and always frustrated.  I’m always hungry with no appetite.  I’ve had this nagging headache for weeks that isn’t anywhere near my brain injury.

    A migraine woke me up at 5 this morning which hasn’t happened in a while.  I stayed in bed until about 10, I’m usually up by 7.  I don’t even feel like reading this to edit.  I’m just posting this to prove that I will post every weekday this month even if it’s just to ramble off a bunch of words about how I have nothing to blog about because that’s how lifeless I feel today.  I kind of wish it would storm outside so I could be all

….that’s me.  That storm, the one right there with the big dark clouds that don’t look like they’re moving but there’s so much going on inside that it’s mind blowingly numb. That’s me.

   That actually reminds me of this, what I call, free fall poem, I wrote in high school.  It was such a piece of crap. It was called “I am the Storm” and it didn’t rhyme but every time I read it I know exactly how I felt the day I wrote it.  I just rambled, letting my emotions take me.  Today I have no emotions.  I’m a stone face.  A stone face in a storm that doesn’t look like it’s coming because it looks like it’s stationary.  You know what it’s really doing though?

It’s brewing.



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