Social Media is Not Cool This Week

   NaBloPoMo #13

I can’t possibly be the only one tired of social media right now, can I?

Me on my Facebook this week

    I’m not very affected by the Paris attacks.  I’m in America, first of all, and I don’t know anyone in a country I’ve never been to.  I don’t even know anyone that’s ever been there (one chick on my FB went for her honeymoon but I don’t actually know her).  What does have a very significant impact on me that is a result of these horrific attacks is the response from my fellow Americans.

   When Obama ran for his second term in 2012 I was horrified by the things I saw; remember, before this I was too busy glimpsing headlines and working to support my family, so I had no real idea how certain media outlets had been twisting his very existence to promote hatred towards a multitude of things/people. I live in a disgusting and bitter country and I’ve never been more embarrassed or ashamed to be an American.

Don’t even get me started on this! So many are screaming “help our own first!”  Where were you when congress decided to cut SNAP, HUD, and  education funding and more?

    I don’t understand how so many of us can lack compassion on such a deep level as we are witnessing today.  As a white American, it took me a long time to understand that reverse racism is not a thing and if it is, it should not deduct the importance from the fight for equality that black Americans have been fighting for, for generations.  I’m not even sure what reverse racism is.  I always thought it was kind of like pre-emptive prejudice.  Like blacks approach me expecting me to be a racist?  If that’s what it is, I honestly don’t blame any black person for viewing me that way considering the amount of racism, discrimination and inequality that continues to exist in their lives.  I understand now that reverse racism is a term that perfectly exemplifies how racism is alive today.  “Reverse racism,” as if because I’m white I deserve my own special form of racism?  And why reverse?  As if only white on black racism is acceptable and the reverse is far worse?


   As an agnostic, I’m often torn between defending a person’s faith in their religion and my right to disagree.  I believe in religious freedom and I believe it is equal to freedom from religion.  I should not be attacked because my God is different from yours and I should not be attacked because I have no belief in God.  Agnosticism is more about acknowledging the possibility.  Possibility of what?  The existence, or opposite, of any one or multiple Gods because I cannot say without doubt that one or the other is the truth.

    When I hear that we should round up Muslims and put them “somewhere” I think of George Takei and how he still struggles with the memories of his young life in a Japanese interim camp.  When I hear we should close our borders to refugees I think of Anne Frank.  When I hear we should close all mosques I think of “black” churches being burned.  They say we should learn from our past, our histories, or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes made. We still live with the shame and struggles of our ancestors, that should be proof that the ripple effect of our negative actions out last our natural lifespan.


   I don’t know the answer to this grossly complex situation, obviously; but what I do know is the fear mongering and push for more war feeds into the terrorists agenda.  This is what ISIS wants.  I really believe that pushing refugees away only sends them back into the “open” arms of the very people they are trying to free themselves from.

    People are trying so hard to force  the blame onto someone, anyone, and it’s just making things worse.  Instead of coming together to build a wall of unity to face these terrorists, we are fighting each other and that, in turn, helps terrorists win.

   I’m tired of defending refugees, I’m tired of speaking out against those paranoid enough to truly believe all Muslims in America need to be corralled and placed “somewhere.”  I’m tired of people thinking Trump knows what he’s talking about.  I’m tired of people posing with their guns  for Facebook and Twitter, telling ISIS to “come get [them].”  I’m tired of haughty Christians thinking their God and religion is supreme and should therefore be the only acknowledged and accepted religion.  I’m tired of people forgetting what being an American is.  Liberty is not a set of rules dictated by the opinions and religions of a select few.  Freedom may be something we’ve spent our country’s  lifetime fighting for and defending but it doesn’t seem like something we provide to all in this country. We forget we have always been a country of not only immigrants, but refugees and asylum seekers.  We are built on a huge chunk of land that we stole from its native inhabitants so we could have a haven to be who we are without persecution.


    I have so much more to say but I fear I may never end my rant so I’ll stick a bunch of memes and such in here that can say what I want to say without having to say it…. I’m a lazy American.

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