Introducing My Poetry Project

NaBloPoMo #15

Poetry Project #1

    I think I’m going to post from the prompts today because I really don’t want to write how frustrated I am with this whole xenophobic American trend we have going on now. I just looked at the prompt and I don’t like it!  I really want to do my version of NaBloPoMo but I’ve nothing to write about today.  So I’m going to start this project I’ve considered since starting this blog but have been unsure how I want to do it.  Here’s a brief explanation to this project before I begin:

    728c5c4b3ed460e83dafad1a005bde73    My zodiac is cancer.  This means a lot of really awesome things but some are indicative of my introverted tendencies.  It also means I’m sensitive and nostalgic to my past.  An example of this:


   What you are looking at is a 15 year-old binder full of poems I wrote in high school.  Most are finished, more than half are typed (actually finished) and some are unfinished on scraps of paper I stapled to bigger pieces of paper to keep catalogued in my binder “just in case” one day I decided to try to finish them.  It seems that day is here, or approaching [I’m not sure yet].  These are all dated and I plan to post them in order with their dates.  My hope is to post them as they are “posted” in my binder and if I feel it’s necessary, I will rewrite/edit them to improve them and share the two different versions for comparison. It might be interesting to see how my vocabulary, style, thoughts and more, have changed since I was a teen.  Some of these are graphic and inappropriate or just really dumb and lame but I’ll share them anyway.

    Here’s some screenshots from the opening pages.  I put this together after graduation in 2001.  I despised Bush even though I didn’t pay attention to politics at the time. Yes, that one sticker said “Fight Racism” and I changed it to fascism (it’s spelled wrong).  Both apply heavily to today’s right-wing political party, I suppose.

Page one
Page one
D-PicturesCamera RollWP_20151120_11_10_44_Pro
Page 2
Page 3
Page 3

On Page two, the little newspaper cutout, that is my favorite Angelina Jolie quote. It really resonated with me as a teen:

“I don’t think of myself as voluptuous or even feminine.  I always thought I was too angular.  I think I’d make a good boy.  I think I went through a period where I was denying anything feminine about myself.  And it took me a while– until I met Billy– to actually feel like a girl.  I was almost shocked into being a girl.”


Staring Down At Me

I see the ocean in your eyes

You have the look that men despise

I gaze at you and I dream

That maybe one day it could be

I picture caressing your beautiful face

I imagine kissing your soft pink lips

But then I open my eyes and see

You’re just a picture

Staring down

At me.

April 1998

   This poem is a dedication to Leonardo DiCaprio.  I had a ridiculous crush on him that started with Basketball Diaries and I had a magazine poster of him taped to the ceiling above my bed just after Titanic came out . I still have a crush on him I guess but I think it’s more of a residual thing.  He seems like he’s probably a jerk in real life.  I don’t believe he’s as into saving whales as he claims and though I loved his speech on climate change I think the fact he owns an island he claims to want to help restore goes against the “earth over money” message that should accompany an environmentalist’s agenda.  Sure, it takes money to “save the planet” but it’s not going to happen one expensive “restorative” resort at a time.  Maybe he does more for the whales and environment than my little fingers care to search for. 

I just tried to find that poster I had on Google image but I either don’t remember it like I thought I would or it’s just not there.



Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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