And I Wait…

  I very clearly lost the whole NaBloPoMo thing but you know what?  I don’t even care.  I felt limited, anyway.  The topics they offered were pretty lame and I felt like I was trying to cater to an audience I don’t really want.  I only gained a handful of new followers through that thing anyway…

   I haven’t been able to do much in regards to blogging since last Wednesday.  There’s been a few ideas come up but with Skas always wanting to play his games on the computer and JJ always needing help with something I really had no opportunity to do much more than make sure I wasn’t going to spend more than was in my bank account.

    Currently, I have no time to blog but I’m doing it anyway because then I’m just waiting in silence.  Housing wants to do another “random” inspection.  This is getting out of hand.  This is the second one this month and about the fifth in the last six months.  These people come in, press buttons, pulls strings and flip switches.  They open windows I can’t close with one hand and they track dirt throughout my entire house.  They leave EVERYTHING on and EVERYTHING open and what really pisses me off is that they test the breaker without letting me turn anything off first!  The last time they did this I lost a blog post because their knock gave me immediate anxiety and I panicked, hid in the hallway for about two minutes and then answered the door as if I had been busy cleaning and not nail biting my way into an idea to get me out of people-ing.  I totally forgot about my post until they flipped that switch and the screen blipped out.  …I also had to use my last lightbulb because they flipped all the switches back at once and POP there went the living room lamp bulb.

   The guy came again today but I missed him.  I went to lay down after writing a post on HSoL because my head is starting to really hurt.  Just as I started to doze, he knocked.  By the time I reached the door, little skinny bastard was gone.  I saw him go into the next unit so I’ve been waiting ever since for him to return.  This is one of the important inspections.  If I don’t let him in, I could get evicted and I live in housing for a reason, I can’t afford eviction.  I just checked, his truck is gone and now my migraine is really sharp.  I hate this stress.  I hope he comes back even though it freaks me out having people strutting through my house, going through every room and touching everything.  I hope he went on lunch, it’s about that time.

   I really hate being poor. Everything in my life revolves around other people.  I hate the stigma attached to that complaint and pretty much every complaint I have about being poor.  You know what?  It’s not as easy as going out and getting a better job, not when you’re disabled and your income is based on what you made almost 6 fucking years ago! Or when you’re a felon and no one wants to hire you even though it’s been over 10 fucking years since you’ve last been arrested.  Sure, maybe line cook and some shitty labor jobs only want to know what happened within the last ten years but anything that Kasper can actually do won’t take a felon or will hire them but with a cap on their ladder to a better position. The cable company won’t hire him because he’s a felon, this one contracting place that has like every city contract and great benefits, won’t hire felons and the one thing he was actually interested in stops you from acquiring some sort of licensing. It had something to do with being an electrician.  It sucks, plain and simple.  I guess I’ll go lay down on the couch, watch some Bones [I need suggestions for Netflix] and hope this little dweeb comes back so I don’t have to stress over receiving an eviction letter.


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