Stolen Soul

Poetry Project #5

To touch the skin

beneath the layer

is to feel the pain

from our slayer.

For our souls

we cry and weep

we twist and turn

like we can’t sleep.

When we cry

our eyes do bleed

we pray for our souls

and all our bad deeds

We beg the lord

down on our knees

don’t take our souls

but, please, our memories.

~2000 (age 16)

I made few changes to this poem; certainly not enough to post comparisons.  Most of the changes were in the format.  It’s amazing how altering the eye’s view of the poem also alters the tone in which it’s read.

 I noticed this and the last two are written first-person plural. I wonder if that was intentional.  I looked ahead in the binder and the next one is in first person.


Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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