20 Reasons

    There’s a Republican debate tonight.  I plan on watching it.  It’s entertaining to me.  I’m not very social but I could see myself going to a debate watch party with people that think similarly to me.  It would be too much drama to go with people that thought differently.  I don’t have very many friends that care about politics.  Everyone thinks it’s pointless to care because the “system is rigged” so they choose not to pay attention.Q1

    As I’ve said before, I was one of these people and my friends on Facebook reflect that.  The people around me offline are few and far between so I often have repeated conversations with Kasper and that’s an echo chamber at times.  The only neighbor we have that follows current events believes “Obamacare” is a cover to inject us with RFID chips.  giphy

    There are a few political minded people on my Facebook that I can have conversations with but sometimes it’s like talking to a brick wall…for both parties.  Some views I understand even though I completely disagree.  Some opinions totally blow me away and some are predictable, given who they come from. But usually, I’m like: what the fuck dude, really?

   One of the things that really gets me is the lack of thought people put into their opinions.  It’s downright fascinating [and frightening] when you really think about it.  Not to sound like Trump but: I know a guy who changed his vote from Romney to Obama in 2012 because Bruce Springsteen threw his support behind him.  Up until then, and it was around Hurricane Sandy if I’m not mistaken, this guy bashed Obama all day long with comments linked to Breitbart and RightWingNews articles.  We argued all the time about the exaggerated claims and sometimes blatant lies he shared.

   When people ask why I vote democrat I say their overall platform aligns with my views on most subjects because I know people aren’t interested in the details. I usually get about two bullet points into my list before I’m asked if I care about abortion, religious freedom, or government overreach. Of course I care about these things! That’s why I don’t vote Republican.

   So I made a list of reasons why I currently don’t vote Republican 99% of the time. Enjoy:

  1. I’m a mom
  2. I’m a woman
  3. I’m disabled
  4. I believe we play some sort of role in climate change and should use that role as a positive influence rather than negative
  5. I believe in a tax system that helps more people than it does businesses
  6. I believe education is a right in our society and not a privilege; we should offer the best for our children across the nation and that includes their instructors
  7. Our infrastructure is a great source of jobs and security and should be heavily invested in
  8. Foreign/world trade policies should benefit the people, not top investors; and, they should provide jobs, not ship them away (I honestly don’t know much about this topic)
  9. My mother in law lost her job as a school administrator due to budget cuts caused by Republican games in the Texas Legislature
  10. My father in law is a disabled vet
  11. My stepmother in law works for the post office
  12. I believe we need to do more, not less, for equality among sexes, races, in the workplace, and in regards to wealth and more
  13. I believe in freedom of, and from, religion.  I also believe in the separation of church and state
  14. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We live in a close society; I am not able to protect myself from the freedoms of others (guns, pollutants, crimes, and anything that can be a potential health hazard to me in any way) and therefore should have access to healthcare as should everyone in this country
  15. I believe we need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and expand use and research of renewable energy (if anything, for conservation purposes)
  16. Corporate greed is rampant in this country.  We’ve even made it so corporations have a voice in our politics and government. Corporations have recently used their religion to deny employees legal rights to personal health care options.  We clearly need a congress that can separate a corporation from a person and will provide people their rights as taxpayers, employees and individuals with individual wants and needs.
  17. I’m poor.  I’ve always been poor but I did not expect to lose the ability to work at the age of 27.  I never understood how bad it is for a person to work near minimum wage until a percentage of that income was used in the formula to determine how much I could survive with. Without SNAPS, Medicare, Medicaid and housing my family and I would be on the streets today
  18. We need criminal justice reform.  My husband is a former felon with the last ten years + clean of any legal trouble.  He cannot get a decent job with one felony and we cannot afford to get it expunged from his record.  How many other families are stuck with minimum wage jobs because of a crappy ten + year old conviction that doesn’t involve violence?
  19. I believe we need immigration reform from the back end of both lines, up.  Families shouldn’t be separated, people running from crime shouldn’t be threatened and sent home, the wait time is embarrassing and we shouldn’t politicize these people to incite prejudicial anger and hate.
  20. I believe we should reduce our military spending (increasing spending for federal infrastructure jobs) and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, unless asked of course.

Anything I didn’t expand should be self-explanatory like 1-3 and 9-11. If it’s not then you should start paying attention.

      Now that I reread my list I think it’s safe to say these are the same reasons why Bernie Sanders has my vote. I could add a few more reasons to his list though.

My vote is not swayed by parenthetical lettering      



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