Poetry Project #8

In my dreams I see you there

Standing around as if you cared.

You hold my fears, you are my demons

You sail through my emotions like a thousand seamen.


Avoiding the monster you created inside me

You tear through my soul leaving nothing to please.

With a scream of terror I run through the night

I grab at my chest, my heart races with fright.


All of a sudden I come to a halt

Everything’s frozen, I’ve opened a vault.

I don’t understand what’s happening here

The breeze has stopped cold, all I smell is fear.


My mind pounds with fury, I hate you so much

You make me cringe with one simple touch

I close my eyes, I hate you here

When they open up I watch you disappear

I painted this after a nightmare woke me.  This was the entire nightmare.

 ~2000 (age16)


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