Will They Get It– or should I edit even more?

    We got Skas, our oldest son (8), an Xbox 360 for Christmas.  Personally, I’m a Sony and Nintendo girl.  When I lived a seizure-free life with both my hands working, I’d spend hours on our PS3 shooting people in the face, stealing cars…running around as a little sackboy or wtf/ever that LBP creature is.  Or I’d be in PSHome running around making random conversations.  Now, I only play Wild Tangent games or whatever’s on my tablet– I’m on a Quest For Stuff everyday.


    I’m hoping he spends more time on that than playing agario, hogging the PC, haha.  I’m really hoping the neighborhood kids will be out a lot this week.  It’s warmer than usual and I saw some new bikes out there but Skas is afraid of his bike even though he taught himself how to ride it and has never fallen off it.  Maybe he’ll just run around or bring out a scooter.

I feel the need to explain a detail here.  I mention a lot that I live in housing and am kind of poor.  Skas has a bike, scooter and now an Xbox but know they are second hand, from a pawn shop or family. It’s pathetic I feel the need to explain that.

    I have difficulty blogging and writing with my family around so I only do either of the two when I’m home alone.  Over the next week, if Skas stays busy out of the living room, I’m going to start breaking down my story.  It’s been over a year now that I’ve been writing it and I’m still reluctant to enter the final phase: the ending. It’s never taken me this long to finish a story– I’m just talking about writing the story in general, not real editing or anything deeper than that.

    I have no real experience, no idea what I’m doing and I’ve failed every English class I had until my freshman year of “college” (it was online and not through Phoenix) where I barely passed.  I still have difficulty with words like effect and affect; I get green wavy lines in my spell checks for “fragmented sentence, no suggestions.” If you notice, I use a ton of semicolons because I noticed that’s an easy (ahem, lazy) way of getting rid of those green lines, sometimes.

   What I figure I’ll do is break my story down into four parts and edit each part separately.  The fourth section is obviously the unfinished, unwritten part but I’m hoping by then I’ll feel more comfortable with the direction I’m taking.  It’s actually not the direction I’m bothered about, it’s the attitude in which it is written and…I’m so damn long winded.  I can think of at least three areas that need serious work.  I have trouble knowing if what I’m putting down is being read the way I’m seeing it.

   I assume that people have the same images in their heads while they’re reading as the writer when they’re creating the world for them.  But then, this will probably sound stupid but as a way to keep myself in check, I try to imagine someone wanting to make my story a movie.  What parts can be told without a narrator there to explain it in text? Did I express enough action with the character’s inner dialogue for a screenwriter, director and producer to work with without distorting my views?  You always hear of book-to-movie projects ending because the author and movie crew couldn’t agree or simply didn’t share the same view.  I’m not an expert but from where I sit, I wonder if this is because the author didn’t quite describe what they saw in their mind clearly enough for another artist to interpret it similarly.   So I know there are parts of my story where I overcompensated for this doubting question, “will they get it?”

   I have no idea if I’ll do it this week, I might let my procrastination skills take control. We shall see.



Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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