Awakened In Night

Poetry Project #9

When awakened by the storm,

I cannot sleep, I only squirm

Twisting, turning, beneath my sheets

I can hear the rain as it continually beats

Upon my window on this stormy night

I listen carefully, never seeing with sight

What might I see down on the floor?

A monster? A man? The one who calls me His whore?

I can’t make it out but I cry anyway

My palms meet my eyes to wipe tears away

I then look around and what do I see?

A room darkened for all eternity

Like a fetus– I curl, beneath the linen

I start dreaming of slavery in Satan’s dominion

“Mephistopheles”~ Estate of William Henry Margetson; (c) Paintings Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

When awakened by a noise

I tried to stand but lost my poise

I fell to the floor and hit my head

I touched my sore, saw that I had bled

Abandoned and lonely, I fell asleep

To the silent sounds of my sorrowful weep.

~2000 (age 17)




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