My Bearded Lover

   Last night I was lying on the couch watching Bones on Netflix (I’m completely addicted) while I was waiting for Kasper to finish his shower.  We had plans to watch Nightcrawler and maybe fondle each other a bit or something.  I’m watching my show, feeling relaxed and content with food in my belly and the house cleaned for the night, when all of a sudden I hear Kasper’s clippers in the bathroom.  This is always a huge disappointment for me and I don’t know how to tell him.

  My husband has this incredible ability to grow a thick, luscious beard that is a completely different color from every other hair on his body.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  He has blonde-ish hair but his facial hair grows in this mix of auburn and orange (and now some super sexy grays).  It’s bright and deep and dark all at the same time.  I love playing with it when he grows it thick from laziness.  It’s like a soft brillo pad which I guess is probably gross sounding but it tickles between my fingers and I love it– absolutely love it.

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    I’ve made my comments over the years that I like his beard best thick because I do and also I really hate that line.  He shaves it so weird, I can’t even describe it.  I hate that first day he shaves because the line is so clear.  It’s better when he trims without shaving.  Trimming it down makes his hazel/gray eyes appear bright blue and that’s pretty intense from some angles (like wet panty dropping intense); but he’s really bad at shaving.  Like…I don’t think his dad taught him how to shave, kind of bad.  In his defense, his dad wasn’t in his life much so he had his stepdad to turn to and he only has a super bushy mustache.  He looks like a guy from 1980’s Ohio– that’s what he makes me think of.  Were bushy mustaches big in Ohio then or something? I have no idea.

   When Kasper shaves it’s like he’s removing all signs of his jaw and it’s just a chinneck… Ten years, guys, ten years I’ve kept this in me! I don’t know how to shave a face, obviously, so who am I to say?  I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell him how I prefer his face knowing it’s totally not my place.  If the dude likes his face shaved a certain way he should shave it that way, right? So what if I am more attracted to a decent trim that leaves the hair long enough to see the many different shades of color (bright gold to deep brown, and slivers of silver)?  So what if sometimes when he turns his head I see those little hairs barely reaching his lips and am weirdly turned on? So what if the sound of him scratching at his beard makes me realize the thickness of his fingers and I am wanting to crawl into his lap?  So what if the way he pets his face as if he’s soothing his whiskers while he’s deep in thought reminds me that he has an incredibly soft touch for a man with used and worn hands?

   A month or so ago he went for a haircut. I wasn’t expecting anything different when he came home but when he did I was in for a surprise.  He was visibly disappointed and I was unmistakably aroused.  Before I could really say anything he started pointing to his face, saying:

What is this?  What did she do?! I wanted my hair cut! What is this?!

   The woman he went to took it upon herself to tidy up his facial hair.  I knew it was that damn line.  She must have added another half inch of hair, extending that line beneath his chin.  I knew he was doing it wrong!

   I started in with the compliments and I think I scared him because I am not a person that compliments.  I make statements.  When I compliment it’s awkward and sounds forced, most likely because it is forced.tumblr_inline_n72pe5tiqu1shvxs5

This time nothing was forced.  I honestly don’t think I could have stopped myself from complimenting him.  Once he was done being negative about this imposed change to his face, I began with the positives (another thing I’m not good at). I touched all over his face, admired it from multiple angles and ogled him throughout the rest of the day.  I made him uncomfortable.  He hasn’t shaved since, just simple trims.  And then last night, I heard the clippers…

    Luckily when he stepped out from the bathroom he had trimmed and shaved it the same as that woman. I was not disappointed and he definitely noticed.  I need to learn how to speak up.  I’m still not sure what I would have said but I’m thankful for the lady that taught him how to shave properly.  If he won’t grow his beard out the way I really like it then I will compromise and accept this trim as long as he keeps it along this new line.


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