Just Say NO To Windows Phones

   I really hate it when I learn something about WordPress that will help improve my blog and I get excited only to find out the theme I use doesn’t support that feature.  I’m thinking of trying to teach myself coding through one of those many free sites because apparently everything your theme can’t do can be manually altered through code…? I have no idea what’s going on!


    Blogging obviously isn’t my life.  If it were, I’d be so unsuccessful that I’d have to quit life.  I just like to share my random, not-well-thought-out opinions and waste time going through my head and past.  But, it hurts my head when I try to actually figure out WordPress which somehow makes me want to blog more.  It’s some sort of need to accept a challenge or something, as if my life isn’t challenging enough, right? *scoffs*scoff-scoff-scoff

      We bought new phones yesterday.  We finally got away from the Windows phone and I couldn’t be happier.  I don’t think I will ever purchase a Windows phone again.

     I was 19 when I bought my very first cell phone in 2002.  It was a classic Nokia that I loved like nothing else I’ve ever owned.Nokia6010TMO-165w  All of my contacts were grouped or set with individual ring tones.  I let Stilla borrow it one afternoon while I was at work and someone stole it from the diaper bag she left sitting unattended at some office somewhere.  I was heartbroken.  I’ve had a lot of phones since then.  I had one that was so long and skinny it was like talking on an elf’s ear, only a hard one.  I had a flip phone whose cover only covered the keys so when it was closed the screen was still exposed.samsungsph-n400-1355923058-2    I guess the late 90’s-early 2000’s were the true age of cellular design experimentation.

   Of all the phones I’ve had, including the one with the broken charger port that I rigged by splitting the charger wire and setting the ends directly on the copper line thingies and holding the battery in place while it charged, the Windows phone is probably the worst.

    I thought because it was Nokia it would be good.  It was about $100 for each phone (2) and we had to upgrade because our network, the most affordable for us, was phasing out 3G.  The phones were free after the rebate but, of course, there were other fees and such and the rebate cards couldn’t be redeemed in the manner I intended (to pay off the credit card charges for the phones) because I’m a dummy that’s easily confused by a bunch of words jammed into a small space in a small, thin font…dicks.

   The phones are alright.  I dropped mine a few times and it’s crackfree.  Battery is decent and I really liked the live tile part.  But the OS blew hard chunks in your eye.  The apps are almost never updated and what they put out seems half-assed. I used a third party app for Pinterest because there is no Pinterest app for Windows.  Tumblr has no notifications to show you, you couldn’t download from the app and uploading was frustrating when it came to tags.  That app was not updated once in the year I had that phone. Facebook only does about 80-85% of the Android version; sometimes you couldn’t see the post, just the name because the post included a feature that doesn’t exist in the Windows version.

   For some apps that were either horrible (Tumblr) or didn’t exist in any worthy capacity (WordPress) it’s easier to pin a bookmarked page directly from the site to your screen as a tile.  This is okay and all but it’s frustrating.  Apps are made specifically for mobile use; website features lag on a mobile browser and can cause your phone to crash.  The WP is really great at not only crashing a lot but rebooting  with great efficiency.  It allowed me to find a positive amongst so many negatives– oh, I think that’s a double positive which means there’s a bigger negative; right, the phone crashed all the time.  

   There were some positives once I got used to the WP being behind my aged and weathered blackberryBlackberry. That’s a huge age gap to be such a crappy “new” phone.  I mean, I really liked the live tile for favorited photos. Having a rotating photo tile doesn’t make up for the fact my local grocer only made a savings app for Android and iOS though.  It doesn’t change the fact I can’t use my VPN product even though there’s a thing for it in the settings.  It doesn’t help me feel all share-y like everyone else when I can’t let everyone know what movie I’m watching like this:

By the way, Sicario, not too bad, not too bad.

What’s the point of a smartphone that advertises all these wonderful features that stopped existing the second the designer updated the app for every OS except Windows?  And it’s pretty much all the apps that seemed to have given up on WP, not just the few.


   Now I have an Android, it’s a cheap LG model that was on super sale for the holidays.  We got both phones for less than $100 together when they are usually $99.99/each.  I honestly don’t care about the value or trendiness.  I’m irritated I had to download a regular ringtone though (I prefer the one that sounds like an old school groundline) because I’m so simple that I don’t like to have grouped ringtones and alerts anymore.  Maybe that’s my age showing through?  Oh Glob, I hope not. I just block numbers I don’t like and only separate alerts: real life (texts, phone, e-mail)/online and network (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). So my biggest issue is resetting those for a new phone and thinking the default and preloaded sounds are shit sounding.  Just give me some dings, a pop and a cricket that doesn’t sound at all like a cricket and I’ll be happy.  Why all this Cowboy and A Day’s Pleasure crud?

   I’m 32 years old and I feel like my 8 year-old when he gets an update on Minecraft.

This phone does this and if I do this, it can do that!

whatever either of those things may be.

 Look, did you know Facebook could do this on an app?

I reactivated my account for easier app syncs and setups.

I wonder if I can comment on WordPress and actually backspace and use punctuation!

because on the WP there was no punctuation and the cursor jumped or refused to listen to my commands.

   So yeah, yesterday after finally getting my toe x-rayed, I bought a new phone and that’s the most excitement I’ve had in months aside from watching my kids get bored with their Christmas gifts after a week of nonstop play and possibly breaking my paralyzed second left toe with a newly opened 40 oz jar of peanut butter (minus 4 sandwiches worth).


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