What We Could Have

I’m a little embarrassed to share the first half of this one but I’m sharing it anyway because… That’s what this project is all about!

Poetry Project #13

I want to tie you hang you curse you

…suck you fuck you cut you

…bury you pray for you marry you

…hurt you bruise you tease you

…scratch you play with you cum for you

…lie for you kill for you die for you

Will you tie me hang me curse me?

…suck me fuck me cut me?

…bury me pray for me marry me?

…hurt me bruise me tease me?

…eat me play with me cum for me?

…lie for me kill for me die for me?


We can be each other’s toys

We can play a little coy

Don’t you want to be my pet?

Your dick is hard, my pussy’s wet

We can fuck beneath the moon

In life or death we’d be our ruins


Please say you’ll do it, be there too

We’ll be together, me and you

Life will be until we die

Then we’ll pass into the sky

Where we’d fuck above the stars

We’d see the moon and walk on Mars

We’d rock each other back to sleep

Never more shall we weep.

~November 3, 2000 (age 17)



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