Vote What Matters To You

I decided to forgo last night’s GOP debate.  It’s not even entertaining anymore; it’s just a sick and embarrassing sideshow.  Think about it, these people want to represent all of us, to the rest of the world.
images   Trump is gross.  He’s just gross.  I mean, telling strangers to touch your hair to prove it’s real on TV?  That’s gross, dude…gross.

     At least Rubio appears to have grown up since the last presidential race.  I’m not voting for him.  Is Rand Paul still running? I think I stopped paying attention to them.  I can’t take them seriously.  I feel like watching them give their interviews and speeches does nothing positive for me.  I get chuckles and I’m given ammo for my board of mudslinging memes on Pinterest but are those positive?  Not really. And then there’s the fact I disagree with about 75-80% of everything Republicans say…


   I keep seeing these hashtags and statements everywhere and as much as I want to agree, I can’t.  I can’t see myself fully supporting Hillary Clinton.  If I voted for her it would be out of fear and  done with secrecy.  If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win primaries I’m not voting Democrat or Republican and neither is Kasper.  I’m voting for someone that has similar political stances as me.  In the back of my head there’s an alarm warning me about a Nader-Gore split vote repeat but….I’m not loyal to any political party.  I’m loyal to my duty as a voter (okay not so loyal because I didn’t want to wrestle my anxiety for props last year).

    If I vote for Clinton out of fear of a Republican win then my voice as a citizen is not being heard.  I’d be voting the “lesser of two evils” and as much I support Obama and do not regret my 2012 vote for him I cannot  vote for someone that I not only don’t agree with as much as another, but I know will be treated equally terribly or worse than Obama by congressional Republicans. Americans should not be put through that.  I don’t think there’s anything she could do or say that could swing my vote her way either.  Listening to her is like listening to a tape recorded off the radio.  It’s not very clear, kind of static-y and let’s be honest, the music isn’t all that good despite the skilled performance.

  I don’t think a third party could take the White House but if I agree with Jill Stein then I should vote for her.  The more people vote their real vote, the louder the message becomes.  If I don’t agree with what “my party” is offering, I’m going to send my vote to someone I can find more relatable.  You can’t change the system you dislike by greasing the gears with your own hands. Sometimes you have to speak out against the operator and if they only turn and look at you for one second, that’s one second that your voice was considered.  Get enough voices, well…tumblr_mz1otpfZY81sxlosxo1_500

   My point is that I’m ready to speak out against “the establishment” and vote what I think is right…not what a hashtag, meme, poll or headline tells me.

Check out this awesome list of The Donald’s most used words and phrases.

For greater enlightenment, here’s a link to Jill Stein’s plan


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