Made A Public Political Comment on Facebook, Lesson Learned

    I feel like I just used up all of my mental energy saved for blogging on googling an answer to a comment I made on Facebook regarding AVMs.  Maybe I’ll remember to post about that Monday on HSoL.  My brain has been really…flaccid, lately.  It gets excited for short bursts of time and then remembers it’s not in the mood and wants to sleep instead. But I’ve been neglecting this little home I’ve been creating for my thoughts and such so I figured I’d post about this ridiculous Bernie shaming trend going on.

   I made the mistake of commenting in Bernie’s defense on a semi-popular public page within the “blue” circle.  It has a few thousand followers, maybe a dozen, Idk.  They posted an article saying Sanders slammed Planned Parenthood by presenting his words as an attack.  I don’t view what he said as an attack and not just because I’m a huge supporter of his but because it’s just not how I see it.

~Bernie Sanders

   In my eyes what he’s saying isn’t an attack on either of the two established organizations of how, why or in what ways they serve and help people and/or communities.  I view it as a gaffe I guess you could say.  I don’t think either of the two organizations should have endorsed any primary candidate.  Would I have this opinion had they endorsed Sanders?  Shall I be honest?  I don’t think it would have crossed my mind but it would also depend on public reaction because the louder the reaction the more perspectives you are invited to view and this may have altered my view on this issue.

   What bothers me is that throughout this entire campaign cycle there have only been two significant points where the Sanders campaign had riled the democratic base enough to wave wildly against him.  The first is the data firewall breach which is messed up, I mean, was that him or a staffer on his own? Sanders, you’re better than this! And this anti-establishment quote is the second.  If there are other instances, I haven’t seen or heard of them.

   It bothers me the way Hillary supporters are responding to this as if it is literally the worst thing a man could say or do while running for president.  His entire career in politics means nothing because he said (what my biased ears heard anyway) any organization putting endorsements into a politician is an establishment move.  Yes, I realize he actually said they are part of the establishment.

   I’ve been reading some opinion pieces and one common thread among these is the argument that Hillary is anti-establishment because she’s a woman running for president and that breaks barriers which somehow equates to being anti-establishment.200

   I don’t think that means what they think it means.  If you look up establishment you find quickly:

The Establishment generally denotes a dominant group or elite that holds power or authority in a nation or organization.

   Personally, I don’t think PP or HRC qualifies as the so-called establishment but I feel like they are “part of it.”  Do they represent it? No, of course not! But, and here’s where I get into trouble, I feel like the point Bernie was trying to make was this:

   Planned Parenthood and The Human Rights Campaign know that money speaks quite loudly and effectively. Using that knowledge in a way that asserts you know how to use that knowledge means you are melding in with the crowd that also uses this form of “speaking,” also known as the establishment. It’s not competing appropriately but “joining them to beat them,” as they say. I’ve always read Bernie’s message as one stating, “there are other ways to fight than by joining to use their tactics against them.”

   I’m not the kind of person to get hyped up when there’s disagreement in opinion between myself and another but I’m not the kind of person to remain quiet every time either.  So when I made my comment on this particular post it wasn’t because I always comment– I almost never do; it’s because I finally got fed up with following a “blue” page and constantly reading their heavily biased posts.  It had gone from “hey we’re all leaning left come join us for dialogue” to “Hey we support Hillary, everyone else is a mindless Bern victim.” I’ve got to admit though, Bern victim is pretty clever.  I did the whole #FeelTheBern hashtag in posts but I always felt like I was telling people to come get some herpes. I prefer #BernieOrBust.

    I’m liberal, like the kind that thinks taxes should be used on people and not to ease tax burdens of the rich.  I’m not the kind of liberal that is loyal to any party as I’ve said in a recent previous post.  I’m like the Agnostic version of Liberal.  I believe in morals and right and wrong and possibility but I don’t believe I need a religion or church to dictate how right or wrong I am with my beliefs, lifestyle, and choices just like I don’t need a political party to tell me which policies and voices I should or shouldn’t agree with.

   When I made my comment to a group of people that prides themselves on openness and acceptance to people and opinions, I did not expect to be harassed, called a ranting fool (when I didn’t even use caps or any punctuation other than a comma and a couple periods in my short comment) and told I am part of the problem because Bernie is splitting the base.  You know what?  It’s the fucking primaries, the base is split three ways because there  are three fucking candidates.  And I’m supposed to get behind the one that is supposedly anti-establishment because she’s a woman running for President?  Did anyone make this claim when Palin was running as Veep????????

  I am so anti-establishment that if Hillary wins primaries, I’m voting for Stein because she is the only other candidate out there that is actually down here with the rest of us knowing what it’s like to actually be down here.  Clinton parades around on her high horse just like the rest of them but Bernie, just like Stein, never checked out a horse to get up on.  He doesn’t have to remember what it’s like down here in the real America because he’s been down here walking, talking, and listening since long before he threw his hat into the ring.

   I’m very disappointed in democrats.  This comment does not mean he is against women, women’s rights, equality or human rights.  His long and very public history of both speaking and voting provides ample evidence that he does not need polls to sway a certain way before he takes a position on issues that are currently headlined all over America.  I’m disappointed that Hillary’s supporters jumped so high and landed so hard on this.  That is what splits a base.  Bernie is contending for the democratic nomination just as O’Malley is yet O’Malley isn’t splitting the base?  Is that because he’s not raising the funds at a similar pace as Sanders?  Is it because his positions are safely middle-of-the-road and not so radically different from Hillary in specific areas like Bernie’s are? If not for Bernie, I would be voting for O’Malley (sorry you’re runner up, buddy; please don’t give up).  If not for Bernie and O’Malley this post would only mention Stein in some super positive way (sorry you’re in third, my friend, please keep protesting and fighting).  Bernie is not splitting the base, he’s encouraging it.  Bernie is not the problem, thinking someone can’t fight on behalf of women because he is a man is the problem.  Thinking he doesn’t bring enough color to the group is the problem. Thinking his age is an issue is the problem.  Okay, maybe his old man hunch is a little concerning but, dude, his message and plight can no longer wait.  Even if he doesn’t win in whichever end he makes it to, he got a lot of people thinking and he deserves mad props for that.bytutsjalvkritiken-feedback

  I don’t think I will be commenting on any liberal pages for a while.  It’s kind of bitter in there.  One person even suggested I’m a Trump supporting troll!!!


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