I’ve Never Counted These

I never counted these poems and writings before.  I wonder how many there actually are.  

Poetry Project # 17

Town Whore

You disgusting pathetic little wretch

I watched you wash upon the shore.

You think you’re quite the little catch

I think you’re quite the little whore.


You strut your “stuff”

As you walk about

Guys huff and they puff

As you walk their route.


What do you think you are doing?

Taking up my space?

Guys are yelling and cooing

You are such a disgrace.


You fucking slut

You’re dirty and you smell

If I were you my wrists I’d cut

To save me from that thing you sell.


To your corner go now

And await clientele

Get them boys to howl

As you invite them to your Hell.


I’m walking up to you

With a plan in mind

I’m going to stomp you with my shoe

And leave you behind.


You ugly whore

Get out of my way

You’ve had chances galore

Now it’s your turn to pay.


Now you are dead

And God blessed your soul

Now you can’t give head

For that life that you stole.


You ignorant bitch

You’re fucked up for good

I scratched you like an itch

Forever gone from this ‘hood.

November 28, 2000 (age 17)

LOL! Wow! Was that painful for anyone else?  I’m so embarrassed! I don’t know what’s worse, the horribleness of it all or that I have no idea who or what this was for!! I think it’s about jealousy though.  It’s a disgusting poem, for sure; and yet, I giggled a little in the middle.  I think it was the shoe stomping thing.  The little biting writer in me dieing to learn and grow sees a completely different avenue this poem could have taken with a much deeper meaning but it took the worst possible route instead. The feminist in me is absolutely horrified (lol).  What’s even worse is there’s another verse that I decided to leave out.  It made even less sense.  This is embarrassing. Picture1


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