Nutty Little Acorn

    I’ve been putting off this post for a few weeks now.  Mostly because I haven’t had time to focus on my blog recently but also because I’m not exactly smart enough to make a post like this.  I feel like being politically aware is like setting oneself up for social failure.  There’s so many different opinions and views that it’s like a minefield.  You never know when you might set an opinion mine off, if you can disarm one once you spot its trigger, if you’ll be allowed to inspect and analyze a new kind of opinion mine, or if you can safely expose a dud when you discover one.   I watched the debate last night so I guess it’s time to make my post.field_detector

     The pro-Hillary crowd was really out last night.  It’s weird because usually it’s about my man Bern.  Every social media platform I’m on it’s all about Bernie and the awesomeness that resides within his oversized blazers.  Then Iowa happened and people were like “A f@cking coin toss?”  No one believes this is how you “win” a caucus.  I would think with all the technology out there…why a coin toss? The odds of winning all six are amazingly slim and yet she did it.  It’s impressive no matter where you stand.

   New Hampshire was taken by Bernie so quickly Hillary practically gave up before they could fluff her hair for the cameras.  Social media was flooded with cheers for Bernie.  Crowds all across the nation on TV (and online) roared with their support for him.  Hillary, like a politically-minded champ, took to the stage and acted as though this was still her win regardless the popular vote.  24 hours later we find out that [unpledged] superdelegates gave her the win.  To me, this explains her speech but at the same time, in a competition you never want anyone to think you feel you’re losing so act like a winner at all times, dammit.

   Last night something changed and everything was pro-Clinton.  It was like the tides changed mid-current and I was drowned in some sort of Elizabeth Taylor strength HRC eau de parfum.  It was nauseating. I guess this is how her supporters feel about us trying to Bern the rigged political game she plays so well with other establishment politicians.  Omg listen to me, throwing out buzzwords like establishment! I hate buzzwords and I hate single issue voters and politicians and I hate hypocrisy.  Am I a hypocrite?  Probably so when it comes to where I am politically. Why?  Because Bernie is a one-issue politician and my support for him makes me a one issue voter.  But let’s get something straight here…this one issue is a vast and expansive root that holds our government to a rigged system protected by the shade of a very large tree rotting to the core. Lobbyists are suits pushing a fan to the tree and creating a breeze that causes us dangling leaves to swing away from the shade and into the hot sun.  A lot of us are blown completely away by this bought and forced breeze and are lost forever….somewhere.  Some of us have no choice but to fall lifelessly to the dirt beneath the tree and watch while everyone fights for that shade above us.  There’s no voice down here.  Our shade isn’t that of the tree but of those struggling to hang on just for the sake to protect us.  What people forget is lobbyists can push their way into every aspect of our personal, professional, and public[?] lives. I like to think of Bernie as an acorn on this tree.  The dude has got something in him that a lot of us are ready to help nurture and grow.  We can’t let him fall before his time; we can’t afford another dud of an acorn (Barack I’m looking at you).

   I’m upset about Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright’s comments regarding Bernie’s supporters. I think it’s right they were called out for their insults towards a new generation of feminism that no longer fits the mold they’ve perfected over the last half century (longer?).  Do I think this means their legacies should be set aflame and we should rejoice naked around the fire, dancing and chanting “FEEL THE BERN!!!” Omg, no; don’t be weird.  I think this is an opportunity to expose an older generation to the world they created for this generation.  This is what they fought for.  They fought for choice, for voice and for women to be heard without having to yell and stomp their feet first.  I think that is what hurt a lot of women.  These two feminist icons stood on a stage, stomped their feet, condemned us and made us feel as though supporting the white guy instead of the white lady meant we were fighting against our own interests.  I disagree.  I don’t have to choose the guy if I don’t want to.  The fact that I actually want to means Steinem and Albright have achieved portions of their goals in areas that directly affect me by providing me the right to choose.   I don’t need their guilt or shame.  So let me add this:

I am happily married, 10 years strong; I am not looking for a boy of any kind.  Secondly, I’m agnostic.  My version of Hell doesn’t include burning or any special place for a specific type of person or crime [sin]. And with that, am I still going to my special Hell if Hillary wins Dem nomination and I vote for Stein?

   Speaking of Stein, I asked this semi-popular liberal gentleman I follow on Facebook what he intended to do if Hillary won the nomination.  I don’t understand: earlier last year people like this gentleman were trying to climb up Hillary’s pantsuit and perch on her shoulder like a good little parrot; I ignored their everlasting loyalty to her because I am still anti-GOP and appreciate links they post sharing my view.  I’ve been supportive of Bernie since his candidacy was just an idea mentioned in very few small circles.  Now, this guy, he gave a respectable answer.  I wanted to know if he would cease all of his Hillary bashing and put that negative energy into attacking the GOP candidate (this guy has thousands of followers BTW). I also asked if he would support her as if he didn’t spend this time providing reasons not to vote for her.  His answer was a refusal to speculate a hypothetical as it would require a change in perspective  and some digging around his conscience to support her.  Like I said, I can totally respect this answer.  Hardcore Dems support the parenthetical D no matter what.  Liberals that define themselves as progressive independents or democratic socialists tend to take a little more time to explore their options without that party affiliation obligating them to make a solitary choice.

   Naturally, I was challenged.  What would I do?  Well, I would vote for Stein, of course. Then I got trolled and it was suggested that Ted Cruz would love me (BTW his winning GOP nom. would be the only reason I would consider voting for Clinton [seriously]).  Then, apparently, this is news to me, voting for Stein is as valuable as voting for Vermin Supreme.  Woah, wtf, really? The boot hat guy?Vermin-Supreme-When-Im-President-Everyone-Gets-A-Free-Pony

    I’m tired of being told my decision not to vote for Hillary is rooted in sexism or white privilege because it’s not.  Clinton and Sanders have both done amazing work, made progress and spoken out publicly against racism, sexism and inequality.  That being said, Bernie has not needed as many “evolutions” as Clinton has in this respect.  I, myself, have had my own evolutions of thought.  I’ll give one very terrible example.  It wasn’t until recently (last 2-3 years) that I realized so-called reverse racism is totally not a thing and it should never be treated as a thing (maybe I’ll post about that one day). Because of this evolution of my own, I don’t necessarily hold these things against her but what I do hold against her is that every evolution I can think of off the top of my head just happened to occur the same time she needed to side with the public to win favor with that public. This casts doubt in my mind.

   Bernie Sanders is weak on foreign policy

   Is this true?  It’s a 50/50 for me.  I think the dude has amazing judgment.  I think with the right people at his side he can make the right decisions (unlike GWB).  Has every vote he made been perfect?  It’d be insane to suggest yes.  However, when you compare Hillary’s record to Sanders’ you notice a heavy trend that I certainly don’t appreciate.  This goes beyond Senate votes (you can’t compare one term to many) and into vocal support and endorsements.  Unfortunately for Hillary, this has to include her husband.  Yes, it’s wrong to judge her on her husband’s actions but as FLOTUS she was in a position to take a stand on proposals her husband put forth and she supported the very laws, legislation, and loopholes that she now claims to want to fight against.  I find it unfortunate that she was probably obligated to endorse her husband’s agenda (House of Cards, anyone?) but she could have opted to not have an opinion and just smile and wave like Laura.

Yes, I know she more than wave

 But she didn’t and now we have a longstanding history of “maybe I shouldn’t have’s.”  So when it comes to foreign policy I side with Bernie because I trust his judgment on our role globally.  Maybe we’re such a threat to the world because our military is exponentially greater than that of any other nation.  Anyone think of that yet? It wouldn’t hurt us to shed some of that military waste.  Can we create jobs hiring people to go out into those warplane and tank graveyards and strip them of everything useful then recycle the rest as scrap? I feel like these things should already exist…

   The idea that we shouldn’t vote for Bernie because he’ll only meet opposition is silly and small-minded.  Any democrat is likely to meet opposition from congress.  Personally, I think with Hillary the opposition would be extremely bitter, personal and corrosive to what little bipartisanship is left in congress. We can’t predict the type of opposition Bernie would face because he’s got ideas so old they’re new again.  They’re revolutionary…when FDR was president.  They worked then and they will work again if we have a congress working for the people and not against them.  Which reminds me:

   The hashtag #ImWithHer makes me think that this campaign is not about the people Hillary is supposed to represent but her.  I can’t tell if that’s her goal or an unfortunate consequence of being her.  She is  Hillary Clinton, after all.  She’s been defending and defining her identity for…about as long as Sanders has been fighting for others to be able to declare and embrace their identity without legal repercussions.

      Is Hillary pragmatic?  Absolutely yes.  Is Bernie?  I believe [note my hesitation] yes.  Are his ideas fantastical?  Omg yes.  It’s an offer of change, real change and not just a new angle at the same picture. What are Hillary’s?  Well it’s like when your grandma passes down an oatmeal cookie recipe and you don’t like raisins but you don’t change the recipe because Grandma really liked it with raisins and those raisins somehow bring you comfort even though they make you gag when Grandma isn’t in the room. If Bernie’s ideas are fantasy based, how on Earth is he pragmatic?  I can answer this quite simply.  One thing people love to use against Bernie is the nickname “Amendment King.” He’s spent a lot of time in congress and has passed very few bills of his own considering that time.  I believe this is where he is most pragmatic.  He knows he can’t pass an entire bill on his own but he knows there are pieces of his legislation that voters and congressman both like and he knows they’ll pass as amendments.  And it works.  And it works for us more than it does  them.  

   One more thing before I go (I’m sure I’m forgetting a dozen other things).  I love this meme:0e4f4a777bbb7383a3f302de84c8fef8

    It doesn’t add up that she says Bernie is unelectable because his ideas are, basically, obscenely unrealistic and they’ll never be implemented.  Yet every time he speaks one of his familiar lines (the guy repeats himself often but it’s an honest message that he believes in so why should he constantly change it?) this chick here responds with “I agree and like the Senator I…” It doesn’t jive with me.  I hear hollow responses from her that make little sense.  It’s like her head is in this glass bowl and her voice does a couple spins around her head before it pops out at us missing a few details that got stuck in her hair or something.

    Oh!  And if it was “Hillarycare” before it was Romney or Obamacare, why are we only hearing about it now and not when Obama needed her open support to garner more public support?  Why is no one saying this?????

   If Bernie’s ideas are radical then I’m all for it because it will take a radical to kick start the radical change this radical country radically needs. He’s the acorn needed to plant to begin the process of uprooting this rotten mess of a gnarly system we have now.

So please note that I am just an average person with a lot of opinions.  I mean no offense and this is just my own personal opinion.  I am open to conversation but please be polite if you choose to comment and don’t treat me like I’m super smart or super dumb.  I’m seriously average: this means I can Google.


Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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