Poetry Project # 19

My thoughts are dry yet my mind is racing

I ask myself why and begin with pacing.

The tears are soon flowing–my skin is soon wet

It’s time to get going and get my life set.

What am I going to do when this comes to an end?

The good times, those few, with the bad I must mend.

Nothing’s seen clear, not through these eyes

I’m losing something dear and I can only watch it die.

Nothing’s making sense– I’m lost in confusion

This makes me feel dense and puts me in reclusion.

I’ve moved away from the living– I’m alone, by myself

For them I kept on giving and they’ve placed me on a shelf.

This anger consumes me, I can’t hold back the pain.

I’ve reached my capacity–I’ve nothing left to gain.

My thoughts are still dry, my mind is still racing

But I’ve stopped asking why and stopped myself pacing.

This day has come to an end and I’ve begun to close my eyes.

I see the paths that I chose and know this life I still despise.

2001 (age 17)


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