A Dreamless Sleep

Poetry Project #21

On a dark and stormy night

I called my dreams to help me sleep

I laid there and prayed with might

All night, awake, I shall not keep.


The rain is storming down outside

The wind is howling like a hound

I just laid there and I cried

For the loss that keeps me bound.


I wanted more than a sweet reverie

I wanted more of what you gave

In your hand you hold the key

That will put me to my grave.


I see that smile on your lips

I see you laughing to my face

From my eyes these tears do drip

From your mouth you claim disgrace.


You hold me down with my lies, too strong

And beat me with your verbal fists

I don’t know why it all went wrong

There’s too much to make the lists.


I just want to sleep tonight

And dream the things that’ll never be

But the past can’t be made right

And awake I’ll lie until death comes for me.

March 9, 2001 (age  17)

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