Ode To Life

Poetry Project #23

Waking for the day
rising to the golden sun
I watch as  the palm trees sway
to the sky they try to run.
The flowers are blooming
to make the spring bright
I find myself assuming
that things won’t be right.

Walking on the beach
the wind blowing my hair
with happiness just out of reach
it helps me not to care.
Looking out on the ocean
where the burning sun glistens
I pull forth my only emotion
and wish someone would listen.

There’s a slight breeze in the air
disturbing the silence of night
I notice the moon reigning his lair
and start to cry with all my might.
I beg to the stars above
to grant me one desire
help show me how to love
and in this life I will go higher.

With all of nature surrounding me
I notice not a thing
being kept from a fantasy
makes these tears from my eyes to sting.
Now I feel my heart left me stranded
but awake to this feeling how can I deny
this special gift to me it’s been handed
to know that not now I was meant to die

March 10, 2001 (age  17)


I just realized this poem is almost upon it’s 15th birthday! I feel kind of sad about that for some reason.


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