Poetry Project # 25

Unknown sights seen in eyes clear
Lost thoughts are what you held dear.
A life long gone tried to reappear
Memories passed, in our minds disappear.

Looking out to see the sun
Picturing meadows where you could run
Trying to make a life so perfect
You forget why you thought it’d be worth it.

So you walk a great long mile
to be gone from this place a while.
Standing in the midst of a beautiful place
You notice things living full of vigor and grace.

You sit for rest at natures heart
You look ahead to where the wood part
You’ve never seen such  depth and thickness
Your body, it shivers as if with a sickness.

You squint your eyes and narrow your stare
Scary things are seen there
Any question left to make you cry
Is the briefest of all, just one word–Why?

March 2001 (age 17)



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