The Look Of Silence

Poetry Project #26

Looking into eyes so deep
Praying this silence does not keep
You wait for words to pass between
Yet only looks can be seen
The words are waiting to be said
The silence is ringing in your head
You begin to move but do not speak
One look at him– your knees go weak
It pains you deep to stand and stare
But saying words– you cannot bear
Once he moves to talk to you
Wait in silence– it’s all you can do
He places a hand upon your shoulder
You wish he’s thinking: I must hold her
With a smile he leans for a kiss
With that smile he cannot miss
After the kiss he then departs
And offers a look that warms your heart
He lowers his head– he studies the floor
A look like that you have to adore
Once he looks up and you see his eyes
You see there are no hidden lies
You pull him close and hold him tight
It’s him you’ll think of through the night
Still not speaking– holding his face
You know that you just lost this race.

Looking into eyes so deep
You pray this silence forever does keep.

March 16, 2001 (age 17)



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