I’m Terrible With Analogies

   Do you ever have someone comment on one of your feeds that instantly turns your face red?  A woman asked me the other day if I’m so liberal that I’m blind to the fact racism is already promoted.  This started because I shared a meme about Trump promoting racism and hate. She originally began stating that racism existed long before Trump entered the presidential race. I wished we were face to face so I could give her Bernie’s side-eye and she’d slap herself in response.giphy

     I mean, come on, what a stupid thing to say to me.

   What’s worse is she tried to compare Trump’s [non] racist baiting to Obama’s [racist] public acknowledgement of injustices such as murder committed by police against minorities, especially minority youth, in the middle of our streets.  I’m sorry but the two are not comparable.  She then went on to say she doesn’t support Trump.  That’s like white people saying “I’m not racist but,” right before we say something racist or racially offensive.  “I don’t support Trump but,” … “I totally understand and agree with everything he says.”

   Who is voting for this guy if so many people supposedly don’t support him?  Like I told Toto, the closet Trump supporter, he appeals to the ugliest parts of white America– I realize this crowd is not exclusively white.  I know it’s likely Trump isn’t racist.  But he’s super awesome at marketing his best best product and that is himself.  He doesn’t need everyone to like his ties, he just needs to make the  profit worth it.  If that means having the ties made in Mexico and selling them high dollar at Macy’s, so be it. His campaign is a cheap product being sold to the average window shopper who thinks that because Trump’s on display at a high dollar store, he must be worth the value.  If that window shopper would take one minute to read the tag hidden underneath, he’d discover that tie represents everything he hates about being Average Bob before going home to find out red isn’t even his color…makes his old man jowls look swollen.

   Average Bob may not be racist either, he may not be a bigot or even Christian, but being associated with that tie might make him feel he looks like more than Average Bob.  Bob doesn’t know that tie was made in a sweatshop in Mexico instead of his city where’s he’s struggled to find a job for three years.  Ha, I guess when Trump says “Mexicans are stealing our jobs!” he’s not talking about the ones on this side of the border. Average Bob doesn’t know that either.  But he knows someone has to be blamed for the lack of jobs people like him need.

    Bob is scared.  His tie isn’t helping him get a job, terrorists are a threat overseas, and blacks are standing against injustice, causing protests everywhere.  Someone needs to be blamed for this.  It isn’t Bob.  Bob just wants a job; he wants to buy milk without worry.  Bob wants to dream about the future with a smidge of hope.  Bob wants a safe world for his kids to grow up and have kids of their own in. But how can he do this with Mexican’s taking jobs and with terrorists out there?

   So here comes this guy, he’s bragging about his cash and everyone knows his name. He must know a guy who knows what to do.  This rich guy says he can do better, he can do it.  “You know who’s taking your jobs?  Mexicans. Build a wall, keep them out of here!” Yeah, Trump.  “Look, it’s Islam these terrorists follow, fuck all the Muslims in the world, we don’t want ’em!” Yeeah, Trump.  “Look, if the blacks didn’t want to get shot in the street, they wouldn’t do the crime.  It’s not black lives matter, it’s ALL lives matter.” Yeeeaaah, you’re so right.

   And then there’s this beauty I just love to hear:

Yeah, Trump; he says what we are all thinking but too afraid to say.

   Okay, woah. I’m not thinking any of that and… How long have you been waiting to victimize blacks killed, unarmed, in the middle of the street? What the fuck else are you thinking and waiting for someone else to say first?  And I remember sitting in grade school with some of these people, learning what the armband meant in Nazi Germany.  We were so appalled back then, what happened? Are we going to have to ask: What came first, the armband or the gas chamber? Seriously? I don’t think Trump is that extreme.  The real question when I reach this point of my digesting this whole possible scenario, is who would be within his administration?  Will he have a Cheney or a Göring? Goebbels? I don’t know who would be best to compare within this frightening hypothetical.

   The thing is, Toto didn’t really understand the content or the context of the meme. If the meme said he was creating and spreading racism and hate I never would have posted it because semantics matter with issues like these.  Trump’s picking at a pile of dog shit we’ve let sit in the corner of yards because we’re too lazy to deal with it, and that’s what Trump represents, the existence of ignored dog shit.  There’s nothing wrong with pointing out what you see is wrong or how you see it as wrong.  Many will agree  or disagree with you for many different reasons. These are fine because we have the first amendment and that protects us when we say great or stupid things.  What you don’t do is take that first amendment stick over to the ignored corner of the yard, poke it into the crusted shell of dog shit and draw out those hiding their agreeability for the smell of shit by telling them “It’s okay guys, I’m the one that opened it, you can inhale with a smile.” No, the rest of us don’t want to smell that shit, why do you think we went so far in our avoidance of it that we stopped cutting the grass over there?

   This is where liberals failed miserably.  They left that shit there, too.  They encouraged the gardeners to cut around that area, they told everyone the problem was close to being fully dealt with while hoping it would turn to dust in the cool shadows of the grass where it sat….waiting for some asshole with a stick and the mentality of a 10 year-old boy to come around.  We buried the racism and we hid the hate while at the same coddling and protecting them, allowing the fumes to build within the shell.  I think I’ve owned too many dogs in my lifetime…

   I hate that Average Bob doesn’t want to smell the shit but he can’t help but want to see the kid stirring this pile of shit.  While he’s watching…he’s getting used to the smell, he still doesn’t like it but he barely notices it.  Bob begins to carry the smell around with him.  It’s offensive to everyone around him.  But they love Bob so the distance his new odor first created begins to shrink.  People start getting used to Bob’s new smell. Some find themselves wondering why he doesn’t mind smelling like shit and start going with him to watch this prick kid in expensive shoes swirling around a massive pile of hateful, racist shit.

   People are loving this.  There’s a crowd a safe distance away, watching and listening to people from the inside report back.  There’s word of other dickish kids trying to poke the shit with their much smaller sticks.  Some get bigger sticks.  Some are trying to sling the shit but it won’t go far because they see a few faces they like out there.  A few notice the kid off to the side.  He  couldn’t find a stick big enough and he couldn’t reach in to grab some shit to sling.  Dude is over there playing in his own shit now.  Some get tired of watching and go back to sleep after a while.  Some move up for a closer look, the smell of shit is becoming very familiar to them.

   What is wrong with us? Why is no one agreeing with the guy who’s been running around looking for someone to help him cut the fucking grass and clean up this nasty pile of shit?  Why is no one yelling with him to stop?  You’re playing in shit for goodness sake!  Some people are at the edge hoping shit hits their face.  They’ll go home praising Trump for having such amazing aim.  Some of these people will lose their jobs.  You can’t show up to work with shit on your face.  What’s even worse, to me anyway, is these people do not factor in that Trump can replace his shoes, his clothes, and even have someone wash the shit stink off him.   He won’t lose much.  In fact, he’s likely to go back to the shit pile tomorrow with a new tagline to draw a bigger crowd, and little room for you to question why you never stirred that shit up yourself.

   I’d like to tell you why you never stirred that shit pile up yourself and why you agreed to let it sit in the damp, shadowed corner of the yard. Because it’s wrong and it’s hard.  You can’t stop a dog from shitting but you can direct it to an area where the rest of us don’t have to deal with it.  It’s easier to create laws that give the appearance of disabling the fan that blows the smell of fresh shit into the neighborhood than to actually disable the fan. It’s easier to let the grass grow over the shit than to bag it up and find another location for it.  And no matter where you put it, another breed of dog will come along and drop a shit of different consistency in your yard.  Does this mean we just let our yard become fully overgrown with grass to hide all of the shades and shapes of shits and defend those with stilts that look down and laugh at us who can’t see above the fucking grass? Does this mean we little common folk like Average Bob and Plain Jane should keep our heads down and hope one of those piles of shits hiding in the grass isn’t made specifically for us because we  wear heels, have rainbow shoelaces or can’t afford shoes at all? It’s easier to mock those gaining from playing in the shit, forgetting what we lose when they gain, like pieces of our dignity.  It’s easier to be thankful that shit stink doesn’t affect you at all because it’s not your yard, you’re upwind, or you have the means for better entertainment.  It’s hard to get on the gloves, clean up the shit, and help those whose yards are constantly getting shit on.

   Trump is not a good guy.  He likes to play in shit.  But let us not forget that shit pile was there before he found it.  Let us not forget that there is a dude quietly playing in his own shit behind him.  Let us not forget that there are people waiting to roll up their sleeves and clean up each pile of shit as it comes because the fight for full equality is never ending and shit never stops finding it’s way in our yards.



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