April Fool’s Day

A-Z Challenge

   I am not a fan of this time of year.  I love the spring season– I hate the time change.  I love the blossoming of life going on around me– I am sick of the pastels.  I love that it’s the start of a season of warmer weather and family activities– I am sick of the “holidays.” I understand the need people have to acknowledge “new” but holy Christ does it get annoying!  I’m not even going to rant about Easter which is, by far, one of the DUMBEST holidays that makes absolutely NO SENSE!!! That’s as far as I’ll go with Easter (which I do “celebrate” by the way; I have two kids that want candy for any damn reason).

  No one has ever played a successful April Fool’s prank on me.  Who’s the bigger fool?  The person who focuses on their job/life not thinking someone will put a whoopee cushion on their work chair, or the guy that went $40 in gas out of town to find a high dollar whoopee cushion that wouldn’t deflate without noise the moment I sat on it? (<– not a true story) 

   I always wonder what type of person doesn’t look in the chair they are about to sit in before they sit.  Maybe I’m the only one that’s ever sat on a melted Sugar Daddy before (#TrueStory).

   1345701781050_6657743I have no issues with those that want to prank or joke but please don’t assume everyone wants to be included, especially us “lonely” introverts.  It’s better if we can just laugh from our table far away from you…behind our book…where we’re indulging in the fun vicariously– the way we like it.

   I hate to get scared.  I love the rush of being scared, especially in haunted houses; but, I hate my “You just made my soul shit inside of me” face. It’s terrifying.  And sometimes people have cameras too.  Shh, here she comes; let’s catch her in the moment.  No, please don’t.d6c44ddfe681f9465c6ba4e1fd042462

   At least I can take a joke, though; mostly.  I’m a cynic and realist (why are those not the same?  They’re synonymous, aren’t they?), so it does take effort for a joke to get a good rouse out of me but I get it at least.  I might shrug when others would pee their pants but it doesn’t mean the child in me isn’t rolling around in a fit of laughter as all sense of reality and logic vacates her body in the form of piss.  There’s a lot of things I think are stupid because I’m a negative person but I make the effort to keep it to myself nowadays.  The older I get the more I realize two things:

  • Life is seriously too short to cut others from having genuine, innocent, and/or spontaneous fun; and,
  • Some people get great benefits from these acts and jokes I find trivial, childish and unnecessary.  It is not my place to stop anyone from going through the work, putting in the effort and time it takes to make another [others] smile stupidly as they were made to look a fool.

   So, when I see things like Google’s prank this morning I’m not only entertained but impressed.  I’m not very computer savvy.  I know my basics plus a bit more, that’s it.  I’ve made so many dumb mistakes…who hits send these days without making sure it’s actually the send button first? It’s an easy mistake, sure, but….why are you not paying attention to every detail on that important e-mail if it literally means risking your [potential] job to make a mistake?

   And I wonder about the people doing the firing.  Can they not take a joke?  Like, ever?  I like to think the most serious employer is still human even while wearing a suit and tie. If this button was forever there I would be inclined to side more with the employers; what else are you not paying attention to?  But since it’s April Fools, which is not a valid excuse in itself, and this prank button was on the same button as send, I would think a little explaining of the err by the [potential] employee (or whoever) would suffice in reinstating their position.  It should be something to laugh at.  “Oh my, what a delicious prank by Google!” smile-gif

   “Let us move on now.”

What is A-Z April Challenge

   This is my first time doing this challenge.  6 days a week throughout the month of April you write one post a day starting with the letter A and working down the alphabet.  Should be an interesting challenge for the month. For more, click here



5 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day

  1. Good start for the A/Z challenge! I enjoyed reading this, and agree. Lots of things people find funny, like jokes, pranks, etc. I just don’t get at all. Even greeting cards that are supposed to be funny, just aren’t, to me. Oh well, let others have some fun, I’ll just sit back and watch. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your posts! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m a little confused on the sign up though. Is it like NaBloPoMo where you put in the link of each post every day? Or you just sign up the one time? Do you know?


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