Drop Some E

A to Z April Challenge

   I was seriously hoping that by the time I reached the letter ‘E’ I’d have something to toss out for it.  I got nothing.  I have words.  Words that begin with E.  That’s about it.

  1. Elephant:  My favorite animal.  I know almost nothing about them.  Are you supposed to do an eternity of research on an animal just because you like it? I know the basics, I have an acceptable amount of knick knacks about the house and my profile pic is an elephant yours truly drew. I qualify as a fan.e300368740ba3effafd5d918a2b1e864
  2. Envisioned creativity: Art is awesome. We should art more.  It should be encouraged at every opportunity.  Art museums shouldn’t be so expensive.  Art classes should be offered through all public education systems.  All art.  Not just crafts or coloring.  People should feel free to express and create art when and wherever because raw creativity and expression are awesome.0ed1c6aa708d120765e6f0af9414f0b0
  3. Election Fatigue:  It’s everywhere! I think what is happening right now is America’s first modern political revolution since the sixties [feel free to blast my error on that statement].  …and it’s been slow going, eh? I’m not just talking about Bernie and/or Trump. I’m talking about the creation of the tea party, occupy wall Street, and other grassroots movements in recent years.  I’m talking about the rise of the use of social networks with other internet tools to self-educate and become politically aware.  As more information becomes easily accessible, people start turning away from “talking heads” and start sifting to find answers on their own.  This is fine but I really dislike election time because people start spreading articles debunked years ago, memes they don’t understand, and the negativity coming from every end of every spectrum is nauseating.  We’ll see how many people still care once the elections are over.

    This is not real, stop spreading it.
  4. Envy: An emotion I can talk endlessly about.  I am so filled with envy I really should be green.  But I’m physically disabled– this is probably expected.  I find avoiding life works but I’m working on finding a new treatment (lol)ts1372
  5. Epiphany:  I always have these at the most inopportune times.  Like when someone is talking and I really should have been listening. sudden-epiphany-moment_o_1296725

And finally, Electric:  I really like the word.  It’s a medium strength word that has a shocking left hook if used correctly.  It’s a great sentence enhancer for the semi-formal, not quite casual conversation.  And lightning is awesome, it’s electric.c61d34c27847fb0ebb41a69ccba3172b
  I guess I could have just written about my poor eating habits but who wants to read about that?


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