Sleepless Nights

Poetry Project #30

On sleepless nights with dreams awake
All this noise I cannot take.
The silence is deafening to my ears
I feel I haven’t slept in years.

Standing up to stretch my bones
I see this room and that I’m alone.

I go to the cabinet, look for a pill
A sleepless night I hope to kill.
Now happy and joyful, praying for sleep
I go back to bed and try to sleep deep.

The sun comes up
and awake I still lie.
The tears are still there–
all night I did cry.
I pull up the covers
and turn to my side.

All day long these
tears I can’t hide.
The shades of gray
are becoming thick
I begin to pray
people will think I’m sick
~maybe I am~

I have to get up
prepare for the day
I’ll have to think
Sleep’s only delayed.

Now that I’m up–
still want to sleep some
I get ready to wait
for the next night to come.

April 5, 2001 (age: 17)



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