Quoting the Quotable

A to Z April Challenge


I love quotes.  I’m not very good at remembering them though.  I have a mini notebook from years ago that I used to keep for notes from books I read.  My bookmarks were slips of paper I used for words I didn’t understand or quotes that I wanted to remember.  I always thought it was a weird little thing I did.  I didn’t have the internet until I was 19 so I had no idea what blogging (live journal or whatever) was. I didn’t know I could have been sharing these notes with my fellow oddies [<—word I just made up] instead of hiding my little notebook in a trunk in my closet.


Why did I wait so long to accept my quirks? It’s not that I wanted to be like everyone else.  I just wanted to feel like everyone else.


But knowing that my feelings are different from everyone else the same as theirs are different from everyone else, I chose to stand alone; but I didn’t do so proudly.  I felt ashamed, as if the differences within me made me a different shade of unique.


We all have our own quirks, and we are all different shades of unique because we all carry our very unique histories around with us.


And when one becomes the same as everyone else, it means they’ve forgotten who they are as an individual.


So don’t be afraid to be yourself even if you need quotes from others to help confirm your solidarity with yourself because you are rare and being rare is awesome.




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