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A to Z April Challenge

   Yesterday I saw a video from a Sanders rally somewhere in New England and they were interviewing these teenagers, asking what they would do if he lost the nomination.  I’m not sure who the interviewers supported or the purpose of the video but I clicked it and within seconds had one of those *facepalm* moments where I was embarrassed to be grouped with fools like these kids.  In every club there’s a subgroup of people there just for the party and I feel like these are the people that “reporters” tend to gravitate towards.  For instance, we know not every Trump supporter is racist but we tend to think the majority of them are simply because a percentage walking  among them are as racist as we fear all Trump Humpers are.

  tumblr_ndz8aaKVBo1s2kdb4o1_500    First of all, these kids were completely stoned out of their minds and if they weren’t, well…I apologize because they had classic stoner eyes.  I mean, I’m a veteran when it comes to ganja but these kids were like how-do-I-use-my-mouth baked.  Two of them, I believe, said they wouldn’t vote, there was probably a shrug or two in there, and then one tried to sound smart by suggesting Kasich is a good republican. I agree he’s probably the better of the Republican candidates but I sure as Hell wouldn’t vote for him! Look, I don’t like Hillary, but if I’m not voting for her, I’m not going to toss my vote to someone even less deserving of said vote.  As a woman, I couldn’t in good conscience vote for Kasich and as a progressive minded individual, I couldn’t possibly vote for any republican.

   So what do you do when your candidate (be it Democrat or Republican) doesn’t win nomination?  Do you just not vote?  Do you vote for the person that won, whom you’ve been impassioned to vote against in primaries and possibly the opposite of what you’d prefer in your party’s candidate?

   I quickly suggest research.  It’s not difficult to look up the list of third party candidates.  Just follow the links, read the summaries and pop onto their websites.  I really thought Roseanne Barr running for president was a 2012 joke…turned out to be true.  How the Hell was I supposed to know that?  She ran a peanut farm last I heard!

so_you_vote_for_lesser_of_2_evils   The research can be daunting and I fear that’s why so many settle for the lesser of two evils when it comes to voting.  But, suggesting there’s a lesser of two evils in the first place is admitting that you’re voting for something not at all in your best interest or in the interest of those around you.  Why do we continue on with this, accepting it as not only a viable option but one not worth changing for the better?

   When people tell me voting against #BlueNoMatterWho will put Trump or Cruz in the White House, I shrug off the shawl of blame they are trying to lay about my shoulders without a gentle touch.  I didn’t say I’m not voting without Sanders, I didn’t say I’m voting red without Sanders; how is their candidate not winning my fault if I vote for stances and ideas from another candidate I actually agree with?  If your candidate was so wonderful, my one vote wouldn’t have lost them the election.  Your candidate lost because I wasn’t alone in my disagreement with them.  That’s not my fault and you’re blaming me is essentially telling me my opinion/vote is without value if it doesn’t match yours.

   If our votes weren’t valuable on any level, politicians and their friends wouldn’t scramble to redraw lines to favor them, fight over how and when certain bodies of people can vote, or make sure it’s just confusing enough to deter potential new, younger voters.  Young voters are a threat to all political establishments, it’s best to keep them uninterested until they are “old” enough to “understand” how things “really” work (excessive use of quotations done purposely).

   In 2012 it was announced that a growing number of voters preferred to be non-affiliated with any party.  I think this is a reflection of the “keep my options open” mentality my generation and younger tend to maintain.  It’s not that we fear commitment, I don’t think, it’s more that we find it unnecessary.   With our current political climate, committing to a party feels arbitrary to the primary ideal our generation was raised with:

We shall not be limited

   When it comes to voting I will use my vote how I see fit and I hope all voters do the same regardless of which square on the political grid you choose to reside.  I do not believe in voting by fear in our democratic society. I do not believe we are only and have to remain a two-party system.  I do not believe our votes don’t matter if our candidate doesn’t win.  But I do believe my vote is my voice and I intend to be as loud as possible with it


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