A to Z April Challenge

   One of my favorite topics to discuss is myself.  It makes me sound a lot more self-involved or egotistical than I really am but it’s the unfortunate truth.  The thing is, it’s not that I like to talk about myself in present tense, I prefer to talk about my then days.  Even before I became disabled my yesterday’s were always better than my today’s and tomorrow’s.

   So I thought I’d share these two versions of the same song.  I first heard this song on the Boyz II Men II album in the nineties.  I knew this album front to back.  I hear the songs now and I’m thrown back almost 3 decades to a completely different time, mind, and life.  I mostly think of my friend Green Eyes who’s no longer with us.  This album is one of the few we played repeatedly, never seeming to get tired of it.

   Growing up I knew who the Beatles were.  Classic rock was more than just background noise when I think of my kid self with her family.  It’s more like the soundtrack to that part of my childhood. So of course the Beatles have always been a band I knew of.  They were just a band no one minded talking over while they were playing.  People of my generation and older always say you are one of two people: Beatles or Elvis.  I disagree.  You are one of two people: Beatles or the Stones. My family were definitely rolling with the Stones more often than the Beatles.

   I can appreciate the Beatles without hesitation but I feel they may be slightly overrated.  For me, there’s a bit too much sterility going on in there but I try to play it off as being from a different generation; maybe I don’t understand.  My dad is not only all about the King but also the Beatles so when I met him at 15, the Beatles ranked high on the level of importance on the second disc to the soundtrack of my yesterdays of childhood.  This is one of the first times I realized the stretch of musical influence.  I love music but sometimes I get so lost in the sounds of it, the music of it, that I don’t even hear the words.


   I think most people can relate to this song whether it’s a lost love longed for or a future that came too fast into the present and there was no one prepared for so many yesterday’s.



Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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