Not A Zodiac Zealot

A to Z April Challenge

The challenge ended yesterday and I feel sick today but I’m going to finish this last letter, dammit!



  My zodiac is Cancer, a crab, 69, water, moon.   I’m not sure what all of this means except when I read things about Cancers it’s like they’re describing me.  When the information is slightly off, I turn to gemini because I’m a cusp (The cusp of magic).

note:the cusp date is actually June 17-23

   I’m not really sure how reliable zodiac astrology stuff is so I take it with a grain of salt but it is fun to read something seemingly random based on a generalized space of time that you were born within and have it kind of resemble prominent aspects of your personality.


   Some of it is too random and can apply to any human regardless of which cycle of the moon they were born during.


although it’s true I’m only attracted to assertive types in fantasy, definitely not the real world.

Sometimes they are just so right that it’s kind of creepy; there are traits common in cancers that I wouldn’t admit to anyone.


and then there are things astrology points out that I wouldn’t mind sharing with those close to me so they would understand how to communicate with me on a deeper level.


And sometimes you come across little bits of information about yourself that you never considered until after reading it written by some anonymous star reader with internet connection.


The information above is useless but at the same time it somehow brings comfort to read it and think, “yeah, wow, I do, I am, I am!” Like now I don’t feel alone because every other cancer walking around out there is experiencing this with me, right now.eye-roll-gif.gif

So while I definitely wouldn’t  live my life by way of horoscope and zodiac relations, it is still fun to see personalities broken down by months of birth, elements of the earth and cycles/patterns of the moon and stars.



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