4 Traits and Emotions

Poetry Project #31

Love, Hate, Peace, and Greed

Love is greed
love is hate
Love is suicide
I contemplate
To slice a wrist
escape the pain
Being in love’s
like being insane.

Hate is love
hate is peace
Hate in my heart
forms a deep crease
A heart turned black
a deep, rich color
I wish my breath
I could smother.

Peace is love
Peace is greed
Peace is like
a good deed
A rare occurrence
peace has become
It rarely happens
is rarely done.

Greed is hate
greed is love
Greed is something
man died of
To see a life
gained by greed
Is like catching a devil
planting a seed.

Love, hate, peace, and greed
are in the world we live in
These mental states we can’t escape
so know these feelings can’t be a sin.

April 1, 2001 (age 17)




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