Let the Cold Remind You

Poetry Project #36

Cold Hard Play

A night a day
of cold hard play
A breeze a chill
that takes your will
to feel the need to pass the time
Now living feels like such a crime
When you breathe the fresh cold air
do not worry– don’t despair
The air you took into your lungs
may make you feel like you were hung
That’s just the feeling of living well
of feeling put under a spell
Don’t forget to breathe in deep
Into your soul– let it seep
Let it bring itself close to you
let it guide its fingers through
You’ll feel a warmth deep inside
but do not worry– don’t let it hide
Let it whisper secrets true
of how to start a life anew
Depression will make you feel held down
and loneliness will make you frown
But on these days with windy chills
can thoughts be blown into the hills
And on these nights of cold hard play
your weaknesses can show you the way.

April 20, 2001 (Age: 17)



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