Slumber Thunder

Poetry Project #37

Waste of Another Night

The lightning struck
I began to purr
the thunder crashed
and I was sure
that up awake
I would lie
in my bed
until I died.

The sky was lit
with electricity
and I became lit
with the possibility
that maybe this night
it would be
I’d sleep on through
and dreams I’d see.

The rain began
its fall to the earth
and to my mind
I gave wide berth
to soar into dreams
I want to ride
through the horror
my mind I’d guide.

The clouds are spilling
into the air
A multeity of grays
with more to spare
they lift me up
to take me away
into the waking
of the day.

As I bid the storm
a bitter adieu
I ignored the coming
of morning dew.
Instead I waited
for sleep to come
as I felt the rising
of the sun.

I was disturbed
down to the bones
that’s maybe why
sleep left me alone.
A haunted mind
cannot sleep
not with its torment
twisting deep.

I turned my head
and faced the light
this was yet again
the waste of another night.

April 25, 2001 (Age: 17)



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