Set Flames to Your Memories

Poetry Project #42

Burning Up the Past

Heat filled room
Smog filled breath
Burn– it’s your doom
Await now death.
Behold the power
of the fire.
Death at its hour
you can only admire.
Watch all dreams fade
beneath the flame
Kill what was made
then place the blame.
Warm yourself
with the heat
Shame yourself
life is so sweet.
Only memories
can burn so bright
Only memories
fade in the light.
Red, orange, yellow
watch them burn
Now you feel mellow
what did you learn?
There’s nothing left
no sights to see
Wish you had wept
at the sound of their plea
watch their disappearance
into the cloud
Memories– your purest
Hope never to be found.

May 14, 2001 (Age:17)

For some reason, I made this one into a little booklet.


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