Ok, I rarely ever do this.

     I just got a new follower.  I don’t do a whole lot of follow backs.  I don’t usually check who follows me, their blogs, links, or anything.  My blog is for me and mostly to get shit off my chest so it’s not always steaming up in my face.  I don’t check, count, or pay attention to stats, likes, reblogs (never had a reblog before, I don’t think), or anything like that.  I’m not here for esteem, confidence, or popularity.

     But I’m super bored today, stuck with an inability to “create” anything more than desperate tears as I struggle to keep the need to sleep away another day in the distance.  So when I got the alert of a new follower, I checked it out instead of clearing it away like normal.  I checked her blog out and after reading the first two posts was like, “This person is a bitch! I love it!  Where do I comment that I like her rants when I don’t typically like to read other people’s blogs?”


    After brief digging, I found there’s no place to like or comment even though in one post she talks about going off on a new follower if they comment.  I even followed her blog thinking maybe comments are blocked to non-followers (is that an option?) but nothing changed.  There’s a page describing her blog’s purpose, and that’s how I learned she writes about people whose blog is annoying.  She rants about them, calls them obnoxious, degrades them and their blog, and I guess uses them to provide herself with material to bitch about in her “satire” blog that decries people’s insensibilities [<—? I feel like that’s a word but I’m not sure] towards others.  But if she wants others to be “considerate towards neighbours” why does she have a blog to make those same people feel like shit for the few positive things they have going for them in life?

     The weirdest thing is that I loved her rants, the two that I read, and I even agree with most of what she wrote in the “Why Pick Me” link she provides.  I don’t understand why people make thank you posts for every new 100 followers.  Is it to make me feel shitty for the few I have gathered in the couple years I’ve been blogging?  What type of person responds like, “Oh hey, you’re totally welcome!” Who has time to respond to those posts?


     My posts are personal rants, vents, experiences I can’t get over, troubles…whatever.  …and also some poetry, random writing spews, crappy opinion pieces, whatever, whatever, whatever.  Like I said, I’m not here for popularity or to feel better about myself through other people’s approval.  So…

     So why write a post ranting about a woman ranting about other people’s “obnoxious” posts?  Well, because now I’m concerned! Am I one of those bloggers?  Is that why she followed me?  In case I provide her with material? I know my blog/s are not entertaining; they’re not meant to be.  I don’t want anything to go viral.  I don’t want to profit in any way other than personal relief by shedding burdens, experimenting with words, and sharing my experiences as a stroke survivor and person who acquired disabilities in their twenties.  I don’t want some stranger to read a post then make a ranting post about how shitty I write off the top of my head, how I can’t get over my past or live with/in my present, my complaining about my lack of plans for the future, or, more importantly, thinking a rare “look at me” post is something not meant to be proud of.

     I guess I just never considered someone out there could make a blog and follow you in case you posted something worth their time to rant about.  Makes me feel kind of shitty even though there’s no reason to feel that way.

     Even though I’ve unfollowed this person to protect myself from the hypothetical (I don’t think I fit the qualifications of someone she would like to rant about) I still enjoyed her rants and wish my (possibly temporary) new follower the best:

because you’re pretty damn good at it


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