Been A While…

     This is the last poem in the finished section of my near 15 year-old poetry binder.

Poetry Project #43

You’ll Never Know

You are what’s on my mind
You help put thoughts of the past behind.
Not knowing what you do to me
Is the only way that it can be.

If you knew what isn’t a lie
You’d make me feel like I should die.
I’ll never know if you feel the same
So I’ll just sit and die with shame.

If you knew the feelings true
There is no telling what you’d do.
Maybe beat me with harsh words
Or tell me same– my heart’d be cured.

The risk I cannot take nor bear
So I’ll just act like you’re not there.
I do not wish for you to know
Just how much I want you so.

These thoughts are now my deepest secret
Buried deep is where I’ll keep it.
I’ll move on while remembering you
And you’ll never know how my feelings were true.

May 19, 2001 (Age: 17)



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