Complexively Simple

      People say they want a simple life.  How simple are we talking here?  People want to live day-to-day without obligation to satisfy the needs of others.  Is that simplicity?  Is it drama-free?  Tax-free?  Non materialistic? Can you have friends in a simple life?  A job?  Everything is one big circle. You need… Read More Complexively Simple

Fight To Move On

Cling Cling to the idea of hope Cling to thoughts of change. Hope for change Change for the future Clear your past of its miserable creatures. Cling to your past Cling to your memories. Your memories haunt you Your past made you It is your present– know your past forgave you. Cling to your present Cling… Read More Fight To Move On

Tempted By Change

     I’m tempted to leave my husband.  He’s a good guy and I’m about positive I’ll never find another one as “good” as him but still, I don’t think we’re going to last much longer.  We have two kids, I have a physical disability that seriously limits me in every way, and I have… Read More Tempted By Change


     I have not participated in a daily prompt in ages but then again, I really haven’t blogged much at all lately.  I’ve been very strung out by everything going on.  My depression got me so far down in the pits I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the sun and think it was worth… Read More Or…what?

Not A Zodiac Zealot

A to Z April Challenge The challenge ended yesterday and I feel sick today but I’m going to finish this last letter, dammit!     My zodiac is Cancer, a crab, 69, water, moon.   I’m not sure what all of this means except when I read things about Cancers it’s like they’re describing me.… Read More Not A Zodiac Zealot


A to Z April Challenge    One of my favorite topics to discuss is myself.  It makes me sound a lot more self-involved or egotistical than I really am but it’s the unfortunate truth.  The thing is, it’s not that I like to talk about myself in present tense, I prefer to talk about my then days.… Read More Yesterday