X-rays Are Scary Awesome

X-rays would be so much cooler if we didn’t need them to diagnose causes of pain or find out if we’re dying… Read More X-rays Are Scary Awesome


Waiting to Write

A to Z April Challenge    I have this problem with time management.  I wait until the last minute for just about everything I do.  Most times it’s out of laziness, like staring at the growing piles of laundry.  I don’t have a problem gathering laundry, washing and drying it; I don’t even mind putting… Read More Waiting to Write

Voting Voters

A to Z April Challenge    Yesterday I saw a video from a Sanders rally somewhere in New England and they were interviewing these teenagers, asking what they would do if he lost the nomination.  I’m not sure who the interviewers supported or the purpose of the video but I clicked it and within seconds had… Read More Voting Voters

Unfollow Me

A to Z Challenge    I was pretty late to the social media/networking thing.  I didn’t join Myspace until 2009.  I think I gained a total of 5 friends.  I didn’t feel comfortable sending friend requests to people I’ve never seen outside of work or since graduation in 2001.  It felt odd to me and… Read More Unfollow Me

Sister Sadness

A to Z Challenge    I can’t stand my sister and, luckily, she can’t stand me.  We are not the kind of sisters they make movies about; unless there’s blood, some knives, and a lot of crying in these movies.  I’m not really sure why she dislikes me so much. I know why, as adults, but there was… Read More Sister Sadness

Reinvent Thyself

   I had the perfect opportunity to reinvent myself at 15 when I moved far away to Texas where not only was I not known but everything about me was completely different from everything down here.  I could have been anything, anyone, I wanted.  Despite my amazing and mind blowing ability to be the best slacker… Read More Reinvent Thyself