I have not participated in a daily prompt in ages but then again, I really haven’t blogged much at all lately.  I’ve been very strung out by everything going on.  My depression got me so far down in the pits I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the sun and think it was worth… Read More Or…what?

Not A Zodiac Zealot

A to Z April Challenge The challenge ended yesterday and I feel sick today but I’m going to finish this last letter, dammit!     My zodiac is Cancer, a crab, 69, water, moon.   I’m not sure what all of this means except when I read things about Cancers it’s like they’re describing me.… Read More Not A Zodiac Zealot


A to Z April Challenge    One of my favorite topics to discuss is myself.  It makes me sound a lot more self-involved or egotistical than I really am but it’s the unfortunate truth.  The thing is, it’s not that I like to talk about myself in present tense, I prefer to talk about my then days.… Read More Yesterday

Waiting to Write

A to Z April Challenge    I have this problem with time management.  I wait until the last minute for just about everything I do.  Most times it’s out of laziness, like staring at the growing piles of laundry.  I don’t have a problem gathering laundry, washing and drying it; I don’t even mind putting… Read More Waiting to Write

Unfollow Me

A to Z Challenge    I was pretty late to the social media/networking thing.  I didn’t join Myspace until 2009.  I think I gained a total of 5 friends.  I didn’t feel comfortable sending friend requests to people I’ve never seen outside of work or since graduation in 2001.  It felt odd to me and… Read More Unfollow Me