Sister Sadness

A to Z Challenge    I can’t stand my sister and, luckily, she can’t stand me.  We are not the kind of sisters they make movies about; unless there’s blood, some knives, and a lot of crying in these movies.  I’m not really sure why she dislikes me so much. I know why, as adults, but there was… Read More Sister Sadness

Lying Liars

A to Z Challenge    It is physically impossible for me to lie.  I can exaggerate but lying? I’m not witty enough to do anything more than stretch or withhold the truth which are both versions of lying just slightly less worse. I also become consumed with absolute, soul sucking guilt and paranoia when I lie.… Read More Lying Liars

Journals and Diaries

A to Z Challenge    I think I recorded just about every useless detail of my childhood at one point.  Maybe that’s why I can’t remember much without, essentially, targeted provocation?  I’ve had countless journals and diaries throughout my childhood.  I think back on it now and I can’t imagine what I could have possibly… Read More Journals and Diaries