Complexively Simple

      People say they want a simple life.  How simple are we talking here?  People want to live day-to-day without obligation to satisfy the needs of others.  Is that simplicity?  Is it drama-free?  Tax-free?  Non materialistic? Can you have friends in a simple life?  A job?  Everything is one big circle. You need… Read More Complexively Simple

Public Housing Stigma

A to Z Challenge    I feel like I have an obligation to repeatedly explain my situation so people know the stigma doesn’t apply to me even though I’m sure it also doesn’t apply to most of my neighbors.  I also know talking about it is sacrificing a piece of myself to the wolves, potentially; not many read… Read More Public Housing Stigma

My Father Is An Omen

   Last night at dinner Kasper casually mentioned over our plates of pizza that he heard from my dad.  Dad still doesn’t know my number.  It makes no sense.  I’ve had this number since I was 20, I’m 32.  This number was mom’s contact number when she couldn’t afford her own line.  It was Stilla’s; it was… Read More My Father Is An Omen


Poetry Project # 25 Unknown sights seen in eyes clear Lost thoughts are what you held dear. A life long gone tried to reappear Memories passed, in our minds disappear. Looking out to see the sun Picturing meadows where you could run Trying to make a life so perfect You forget why you thought it’d be… Read More Why