No Apologies

“It’s weird being an adult.” “I’m not fond of it.” “Mmmm…me either.”      When you’re an individual with a habit of saying you’re sorry for things that deserve no apology, it’s more than a figurative battle of the tongue not to say it when you really, really want to.     It took me a… Read More No Apologies

Tempted By Change

     I’m tempted to leave my husband.  He’s a good guy and I’m about positive I’ll never find another one as “good” as him but still, I don’t think we’re going to last much longer.  We have two kids, I have a physical disability that seriously limits me in every way, and I have… Read More Tempted By Change

My Bearded Lover

   Last night I was lying on the couch watching Bones on Netflix (I’m completely addicted) while I was waiting for Kasper to finish his shower.  We had plans to watch Nightcrawler and maybe fondle each other a bit or something.  I’m watching my show, feeling relaxed and content with food in my belly and the house… Read More My Bearded Lover