Fight To Move On

Cling Cling to the idea of hope Cling to thoughts of change. Hope for change Change for the future Clear your past of its miserable creatures. Cling to your past Cling to your memories. Your memories haunt you Your past made you It is your present– know your past forgave you. Cling to your present Cling… Read More Fight To Move On


A to Z Challenge    I haven’t been “back home” in 10 years.  I haven’t lived “back home” since August 1998.  I was 15 when we moved thousands of miles away from a small New England town that rests snugly against a long, winding river where tree tops turn your view of the sky into… Read More Nostalgia

Magic Kaleidoscope

   A to Z April Challenge    Grandma’s house has always been the place that never changed.  When they bought their first automatic garage door…it was the event of the half century.  It was a huge deal.  It was bold, it was modern, it was different, it was new!    You could count on consistency at… Read More Magic Kaleidoscope