Who Are These People?

The characters in my life

This is the list of characters from my other blog.  There’s no guarantee all of these folks will be mentioned here as well but I’m too lazy to start from the beginning hahaha!

  • Allmotor: childhood bestest friend EVER
  • Big John: PT tech
  • Big Red: Ex boyfriend; sisters brother-in-law
  • Brooklynne: First O.T
  • Cricket: Childhood friend
  • Elly: Friend…kind of
  • Evil Duo: Stilla and Mom
  • Faux Mike: Mom’s ex- fake boyfriend (?)
  • FIL: Father-in-law
  • Fiona: Sister-in-law
  • GreenEyes: Old childhood friend (R.I.P)
  • Gordon: Facebook friend, former co-worker
  • Harley: Dad’s oldest brother
  • Irish: Friend…kind of
  • Jack: attractive tech from P.T; much too young for this old woman to even dream about
  • Jersey: Best friend in eighth grade
  • Jimbo: Stilla’s boyfriend
  • JJ: My youngest son
  • Joker: Youngest nephew
  • Jordan: Survivor met through Facebook stroke support group
  • Justice: Online friend from overseas
  • K.C: a local survivor of a hate crime that resulted in hemiparesis
  • KareBear: Marvels wife
  • Kasper: My common-law husband and father of my two children
  • Krank Ficken: former, second step-dad
  • Kt: That’s me 🙂
  • Lennon: Ex-boyfriend from my early twenties
  • Louise: my step mom
  • Lucky: ex-boyfriend (R.I.P)
  • Marshall: ex-boyfriend
  • Marvel: neighbor and friend of Kasper
  • MIL: Mother-in-law
  • Munson: Brother-in-law
  • Pearce: My first physical therapist
  • Raven: ( lesbian) PT tech <—-not necessary to mention the sexual preference, I realize this, but it’s out there anyway
  • Scott: Mom’s first husband, my paternal uncle
  • Shaggy: Paternal cousin
  • Shotgun: Boy I knew in ninth grade; had a crush on him
  • Skas: My older son
  • Stilla: My sister
  • Sunset: Paternal cousin
  • The Widow: Kasper’s step-mom
  • Toto: Survivor met through Facebook stroke support group
  • Violet: my maternal aunt

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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